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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

After being taken to Sioux Falls General Hospital, Bobby appears and rescues Sam and Dean from the Leviathan.

Three weeks later, the trio are hiding out in Montana. They attempt to lay low as the Leviathan are infiltrating society and searching for the Winchesters.

Sam comes across a newspaper article about a killer that pokes a hole in the back of victim's heads and he decides to hunt the creature on his own.

Turns out, he worked a similar job back in 1998 hunting what is called a Kitsune. He meets a girl named Amy who was his first kiss and was also a Kitsune. He chooses to let her live after she saves him from her mother.

He finds her again, grown up, and killing. However, she is doing it to save her son. Sam lets her live if she promises never to do it again.

After Dean learns of Sam and his history with Amy, he agrees to let her be. Unfortunately, behind Sam's back, he finds Amy and kills her.

The episode ends with a member of the Leviathan following Sam and Dean's trail.

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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Oh, Dean. I have a question. How do you talk to girls?


New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched.