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On this episode of Supernatural…

Crowley attempts to continue his rampage, almost killing Sheriff Jodi Mills.

Sam and Dean trick Crowley into believing they had surrendered and would trade tablets.

Instead, Crowley is the third trial and the demon Sam will cure.

Naomi learns that Metatron is with Castiel. She captures him and discovers that he is tricking Castiel and Sam.

Naomi tries to convince Castiel that Metatron wants to cast out the angels from Heaven. Metatron kills her.

Castiel leaves Dean behind, but Metatron captures Castiel. He turns Castiel human.

Crowley is on the verge of becoming cured, Abbadon tries to interfere. Sam manages to have Abbadon leave her human body.

Dean stops Sam from completing the trial knowing it will mean his death. Sam admits his sin was letting Dean down.

Sam starts having problems.

Angels begin falling from the sky.

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