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Dinah finds out that her arch nemesis Colleen is being transferred to Cloud 9 Ozark Highlands after her store, Bellridge, closed.

Amy threatens to write Dina up if she messes with Colleen.

Jonah takes over the union meetings from Sandra, as she is focusing on wedding planning.

All the warehouse workers decide not to get involved with the union, worrying Jonah and Amy. She recommends that Jonah convince Marcus to get them to join the union because they listen to him.

Jonah goes to Marcus, but he’s more interested in becoming friends with Jonah than unionizing.

Dina blackmails Garrett into messing with Colleen in an attempt to get her fired.

Cheyenne and Glenn start messing up their jobs so that Mateo can swoop in and feel helpful. However, Mateo thinks the whole store is in on it and fixes everyone’s work.

Garrett puts fish in Colleen’s locker, getting in trouble with Amy and Dina.

Marcus continues to pursue a friendship with Jonah, who only wants to talk to him about the union.

Colleen and Garrett start flirting and she gives him her number.

Garrett wants Amy to fire Colleen because he is afraid of what Dina might do if she finds out about him and Colleen liking each other.

Dina gives Garrett a bag of meth to plant on Colleen, but he doesn't and asks her on a taco date.

Fed up with Marcus, Jonah talks to the warehouse workers himself and gets them on board with the union by chugging a huge bottle of ranch.

Dina finds out about Garrett's date with Colleen. Amy covers for him by saying he is only do it to break her heart. Dina loves the plan and offers to pay for an expensive meal.

Mateo is fed up with doing everyone's jobs.

Colleen gets transferred to another Cloud 9 store.


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Superstore Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Dina: You know Colleen from the Bellridge store? The one who sucks and is like if Satan and a turd had a baby? She just walked in.
Amy: Mmhm, yeah um but your little rivalry thing is just kind of fun and friendly competition, right?
Dina: No Amy, I hate her with the fire of a thousand suns. Frankly, I'd like her dead.

Dina: I need you to make Colleen quit because I hate her.
Garrett: Okay so you hate Colleen, you hate me, how many enemies do you have?
Dina: Thirty-seven. Thirty-six and then my bitch neighbor had a baby.