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Amy tells the employees that the mall is closing. 

Carol comes back from vacation. 

Jonah offers to lend Mateo money, but Mateo refuses. 

Cloud 9 is packed with teens who aren't buying anything. Amy goes to tell them to leave and sees Emma with a group of girls. 

Cheynne gets made fun of by two girls who won't leave the massage chairs. 

Amy tells Dina they can't kick Emma and her friends out of the store because she doesn't want Emma to be annoyed with her. 

Jonah tries to trick Mateo into taking his money through a bet, but Mateo ends up losing it. 

The girls sitting in the massage chairs become obsessed with Sandra. 

Dina tries to kick all the teenagers out but Amy stops her and gives them all free-run of the store. 

Emma thanks Amy for not acting too weird and Amy gets excited. 

Mateo finds out Jonah was trying to give him money and is determined to pay Jonah the money he bet him. They end up settling it by betting on coin flips. 

Amy gives Dina permission to kick the kids out of the store, but they start filming Dina and say she's discriminating against them. 

Jonah loses $400 to Mateo and tells Garrett not to tell Amy. 

Amy gives a speech about how much she believes in all the teenagers, specifically Emma, and they all get annoyed and leave. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Amy: Who are those girls?
Emma: Oh, those are my drug dealer friends. We sit in the pile of broken bottles by the bleachers.

The West Concord Mall is closing!