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Maya tells Jonah and Amy that she decided to extend her stay and will be spending another day at the branch.

Amy is worried that Maya saw the union cards and is looking for a way to fire her. 

Cheyenne is on her phone during work. Amy reprimands her in front of Maya.

Mateo helps Dina run a shoplifter rehab course, which Bo shows up to. 

Amy calls a meeting to show Maya that she can be strict. Marcus and Russell get into a fight. 

Mateo and Dina perform skits for the shoplifter course. 

Amy tells Bo she'll pass him in the shoplifter course if he pretends to be an employee, so she can fire him in front of Maya.

Carol helps Sandra plan her wedding, but Sandra is afraid she's out to sabotage her. 

Amy tries to fire Bo, but Maya stops her and asks her to go out to lunch. Everyone worries Amy is getting fired, so Glenn decides to take back over as manager. Glenn hires Bo.

Maya tells Amy that if corporate suspects she's helping the union she'll be throwing away her future with them. 

Mateo lets the class go and he and Dina split the money they were supposed to pay to the company. 

Amy tells Jonah that Maya believes she can move up in the company, but Jonah is convinced Maya is helping corporate push an agenda. 

Carol tries to take Sandra on a road trip, but Sandra gets scared and jumps out of the car. 


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Superstore Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Attention, employees! Just a reminder that this couch here is not a mobile hotspot. No cellphones, per usual. Don't know why I have to say it again.


Amy and I combined Spotify accounts last night. It just felt like time, you know?