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Amy sets up a haunted house in the store to impress the new district manager. 

The employees decide not to involve Amy in the union meetings because she's management. 

Cheyenne and Mateo worry that Dina is a serial killer. 

The new district manager, Maya, comes to the store on the day Jonah is finalizing the union cards. 

Amy gets upset when she finds out Jonah has been putting the union together with Kelly. 

Garrett messes with Glenn, who is afraid of the haunted house in the Garden Center. 

Maya sees Kelly in Cloud 9, and Amy tells her that Kelly and Jonah are dating to cover up the union. 

Kelly hides the union cards in a goodie bag, which Maya takes. 

Amy distracts Maya by declaring her the winner of the costume contest, while Dina breaks into her car to steal the goodie bag back. 

Mateo and Cheyenne realize another foot has been found at a different location and the killer can't be Dina. 

The employees reveal to Maya that Jonah isn't dating Kelly, and that he's in love with Amy. Jonah and Amy try to play dumb. 

Dina gets the goodie bag out of Maya's car, but Jonah realizes that she's already eaten candy out of it.

Amy and Jonah are unsure whether she saw the union cards or not. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Amy: It's like this union is my baby and I don't even get to drop it off at college.
Jonah: Our baby.
Amy: Okay, yeah, sure. You help, obviously. And I love that you have a connection with the baby-
Jonah: Are we still talking about the...?
Amy: The union. Yeah, of course.

It's kind of a bummer to find out this way that the two of you are raising my baby!