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Amy and Jonah help Mateo record a video of his toy drive for the judge. 

Much to Dina's dismay, Sandra acts Glenn to officiate her wedding. 

Amy tries to help Mateo collect toys, but he makes it difficult. 

Cheynne convinces Garrett that Colleen ghosted him. 

Mateo finds out that another charity is collecting money outside Cloud 9. Amy tries to kick Kyle out but realizes she sent him an email granting him permission to accept donations at the store. 

Kyle makes a scene and Amy is forced to let him stay. They give out $5 gift cards for the store in exchange for a toy donation.

Cheynne tries to help Garrett get back at Colleen for ignoring him. 

Glenn begins to worry that Sandra and Jerry are settling for each other. 

Kyle donates individual army men and takes all the Cloud 9 gift cards. Amy gets angry at him for calling her a bad manager and starts taking it personally. 

Dina donates to Kyle for telling a funny joke about the weather. 

The employees try to sabatoge Kyle. 

Garrett realizes that Cheyenne might be right and Colleen may be breaking up with him. 

Kyle steals all the toys Mateo collected. Jonah tries to put together a video for the judge. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

He's always been there for us. When Jerry was in the hospital he was the only person who said he wished he could've visited.


Amy: You can just edit that out, right?
Jonah: Oh, yeah. I didn't even press record this time.