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This week Survivor starts with Coach melting down over comments Sandra made at the evening’s tribal council.  Sandra questioned Coach’s work ethic and focus around camp and this did not sit well with a surprisingly emotional Coach.  In a heart to heart conversation with Tyson, Coach bears his soul, starts crying and confesses that he might not be able to stay in the game much longer.  Tyson manages to talk his Survivor: Tocantins castmate that evening and gives him some words of advice.

The following morning, word spreads quickly through the Villains camp that Coach had a rough evening and is considering quitting.  Frustrated, Boston Rob confronts Coach and tries to console his distraught tribemate.  Coach confesses that he does not feel like he’s on the winning side of the tribe, but Boston Rob assures him that he’s ok.  Trust and believe him, Boston Rob implores Coach, and he’ll be ok.

At the reward challenge, the two tribes square off in an attempt to slide, grab hanging balls and throw the balls into a basket at the end of the course.  The match ups are head to head and the teams are playing for two products that each tribe chose out of a catalog.  The two tribes are playing the best of seven and the match up comes down to the last pairing – Colby vs. Tyson.  After both players struggle to hit the shot, Tyson is finally able to put the ball in the basket and give the Villains the win. 

Back at camp, while dissecting the spoils from their win, Russell accidentally reveals a clue to the hidden immunity idol in full view of the camp.  Despite the Villains decision to not look for the idol, Russell tries to be deceptive and go look for it himself.  Sandra catches Russell trying to find the idol, reports back to the tribe who unanimously agree that whoever tries to look for the idol will be voted out.

For the Heroes, they coincidentally discover the clue to a hidden immunity idol as well, buried in the coffee they won at the previous reward challenge.  Exactly as with the Villains, JT and Tom discover and read the clue in full view of the rest of the tribe and an immediate scramble for the idol ensues.  Tom manages to find the idol, but not without being noticed by Amanda.

This week’s immunity challenge comes straight from the previous season, Russell’s season, Survivor: Samoa.  A leader from each tribe is strapped into a ball and has to direct two blindfolded tribemates to push the ball to a puzzle and then direct another four blindfolded tribemates to guide a ball through a pivoting ball labyrinth.  Using Boston Rob’s guidance, the Villains lead the entire way and win immunity once again.

Following the challenge, Tom and Colby try to scramble to get their heads off the chopping block.  Tom approaches JT, Amanda and James and seemingly convinces them that Candice should be voted out instead of Colby.  He even offers to give up the immunity idol to sway their vote.  Amanda reports the change of plan back to Cirie, who completely disagrees and convinces Amanda and James to stick with the plan of splitting the vote 3-3 on Tom and Colby.  This would flush out the idol and eliminate Colby.

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