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The Ometepe tribe is reeling after one of the most intense tribal councils in Survivor history and everyone is coming to Boston Rob to figure out how to pick up the pieces.  Phillip swears that so long as he hasn’t been voted out, Boston Rob has his vote.  Kristina, meanwhile, is very thankful she didn’t play her idol because she knows she’ll need the next time Ometepe is at tribal council.

Things are equally unsettled at the Zapatera tribe where Russell is doing a poor job of hiding that he’s looking for the idol and his tribe mates notice.  What they don’t see is Ralph accidentally stumbling upon the idol while gathering stones.  He notices one seemingly out of place and when he moves it, he finds the idol.

The next day at the Ometepe tribe brings more unrest and Boston Rob warily watches the friendship/alliance brewing between Andrea and Matt.  Knowing the power of a couple from personal experience, Boston Rob immediately starts working on Natalie for two reasons.  First, to form his own couple.  Second, to plant the seeds of needing to get rid of one of them.

This week’s challenge is for both immunity and reward.  Five members of the team swim to a platform, jump to smash a tile and retrieve the key that is released.  Once all five have been collected, the designated key person has to unlock a crate which contains the ball the final two people will use to break five tiles.

On the strength of their swimming, Ometepe jumps out to almost a full person lead, but gives the lead back as Stephanie rips through the keys for Zapatera.  Ralph builds a similarly large lead for Zapatera breaking four tiles to Phillip’s one, but allows Phillip to tie the score before finally breaking his fifth tile for the win.  After the challenge, Matt irks his teammates by shaking hands with the winning tribe.

After the challenge, Rob is furious with Matt for congratulating Zapatera and hatches and plan to get rid of the man with flowing blonde locks.  Although he and Andrea are members of his six person alliance, Rob gets Grant, Ashley and Natalie to vote with him against Matt while the four voters trick Matt and Andrea in to voting for Francesca and Phillip.  The plan is executed to perfection and a stunned Matt is sent to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

I still love Phillip Sheppard.


Seems as if this group of players knows how to follow directions.

Boston Rob