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The entire group has a reward auction.  A number of people buy food items.  Kim buys a shower, Alicia and Tarzan buy letters from home, and Troyzan buys an advantage in the immunity challenge.


Troyzan was awarded a bye to round two of the immunity challenge, where he and Tarzan advanced to round three.  Troyzan eventually won, and caused the rest of the tribe to panic.


Troy attempted to sway Leif, Christina, Tarzan, and Alicia to vote Kim out, and be a strong five the rest of the way, but Leif was the only one who joined him.  Leif was quickly voted out by the majority in a 4-3-2 vote (Leif-Tarzan-Kim).


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Survivor Season 24 Episode 10 Quotes

This is just Troyzan versus everybody else.


Someone even wrote me?