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The second team returns, and the first team discovers Evvie was voted off.

In a confessional, Deshawn reveals how it all went according to his plan, with Evvie being voted off. Shan explains how the vote went and how she used her vote. Erika recognizes Shan as a threat because of her idol. Erika wants to take out Shan and discusses this with Deshawn. Deshawn is reluctant but understands Shan is a threat as well. Shan is concerned that Deshawn is plotting with Erika.

Shan grills Deshawn, and Deshawn lies, saying he wasn't talking about her. They talk it out, both agreeing that everyone is scrambling. In a confessional, Deshawn reflects on how hard 2020 was for black people and how he struggles with wanting to support the other black players but still wants to win for himself. 

At the reward challenge, Jeff describes the challenge and the reward. The challenge will be swimming, going through obstacles, and solving a puzzle. The reward will be pizza under the stars and a bed with pillows to sleep in. Ricard wins. Jeffs tells him to choose three people to go with him -- he chooses Shan, Heather, and Xander. In a confessional, Danny notes that Ricard is definitely a threat to win. 

Danny takes Deshawn aside, saying they need to take out Ricard. Deshawn says it's possible, but they can't let Shan know. Danny and Deshawn take this idea to Liana. She agrees, but she has an internal conflict since Shan is her closest ally.

At the reward, Ricard, Heather, Xander, and Shan enjoy their pizza. Ricard is happy he could do something nice for Shan. Shan and Ricard acknowledge their journey together but don't want to think about it too much right now. Shan hums her tune, and Heather asks what she is humming.

Back at the beach, Liana and Shan reconnect. Shan says she doesn't trust Deshawn, but she still wants the four of them -- Liana, Shan, Deshawn, Danny -- in the end.

Liana tells Shan about the plan she discussed with Danny and Deshawn about blindsiding Shan to get out Ricard. Shan understands, but she doesn't want Ricard out at this point. Liana suggests getting one of Danny or Deshawn out instead of Ricard. Shan and Liana decide they should vote out Deshawn. 

Shan goes to Ricard, telling him Danny and Deshawn are gunning for him. Shan tells him that she and Liana will vote out Deshawn with him. Ricard asks for some time to process. Ricard is surprised that Shan has told him this information. He vows to work hard to win immunity.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff explains that it will consist of standing on a beam and balancing a ball on a post. Liana is out very quickly. Danny drops just before the second round, where the beam gets narrower. Erika drops immediately. Heather soon follows. Shan's ball keeps moving, but she hangs on. In the third round, the beam narrows again. Shan is out almost instantly. Deshawn holds on for a while but eventually drops. Xander drops his ball, and Ricard wins immunity.

Shan is pleased that Ricard is safe, so she rethinks her plan to vote out Deshawn. She would rather not rock the boat and stick with a simple Erika vote. Shan suggests to her core group that they all just vote for Erika but make Xander think it's him, so he plays his idol.

Ricard decides it's time to get Shan out. Ricard goes to Xander and Heather with this idea. He knows he has four but needs a fifth. Ricard goes to Deshawn to tell him what Shan told him this morning -- that she had said they were planning to vote out Ricard. Deshawn lies, saying that wasn't the case. Ricard doesn't respect Deshawn for lying, but he still feels like Deshawn is his best bet for that fifth vote. Deshawn tells Ricard he will vote for Shan.

Deshawn relays this to Danny, and Danny agrees this is reason enough to vote out Shan. Deshawn then tells Erika and Heather the plan is to vote for Shan. Erika is concerned that if Shan uses her idol, she will be the one going home. 

Erika and Heather approach Danny, asking who he wants out. He states Ricard or Shan, saying Xander will play his idol. Erika suggests a plan to split the vote between Liana and Shan. Danny expresses his concern about Erika to Deshawn, saying he doesn't want to vote for Liana, though he still feels betrayed by Shan. 

At tribal council, Jeff asks Xander what's going on. Xander says he doesn't really know -- he's on the bottom, but at least he has an idol. Heather states she is on the bottom, too, as does Erika. Shan says that anyone can be perceived as on the bottom -- it just depends on the conversations they're having. Ricard remarks on his and Shan's odd relationship. Ricard notes that it's all down to everyone's perception of themselves. 

Nobody plays any idols or advantages. The vote is Shan: 3, Liana: 3, Erika: 2.

They revote. Shan is voted out. Shan tells Ricard she will have his vote for the million, and she calls Deshawn a snake. 




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Survivor Season 41 Episode 10 Quotes

The hardest thing with Shan is she has an idol, and it's almost like giving a baby a machine gun.


Beyond this game, I just feel a love in my heart for you.

Liana [to Shan]