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Deshawn tries to get space from Heather. Deshawn is starting to get annoyed with Shan. Shan thinks Deshawn is being immature. Evvie enjoys the chaos because it keeps them off the radar.

In the morning, Deshawn and Shan apologize to each other and smooth things over. Shan keeps talking about her ideas without letting Deshawn get a word in. Deshawn and Evvie start planning together.

Naseer confronts Heather, saying she voted for him, but she swears she didn't. Xander witnesses this, not telling them that he voted for Naseer. Evvie tells Naseer that Heather told them to vote for him. 

Ricard discusses being hard of hearing and how the game has tested him, but he feels he is thriving.

Shan, Liana, Deshawn, Danny, and Ricard go off to talk. Erika and Xander are left alone, annoyed, and start plotting.

Liana keeps talking about how Xander needs to go. Shan wants to get rid of Erika. 

At the immunity/reward challenge, the castaways must balance on perches. There will be two separate teams going to tribal council -- one from each team will be voted out.

Evvie is first to drop. Heather, Liana, and Shan drop next. Ricard drops. Naseer can't hold on, and he drops. Erika wins on the yellow team. She can't hold on, so blue will win the reward portion -- stew.

Deshawn and Xander are left on the blue team. Deshawn drops -- Xander wins on the blue team.

The yellow team is sent to the old Ua beach. They will go to tribal council first. The blue team will go second.

The blue team enjoys their stew. Xander is happy with his position on this team of five. Evvie thinks they'll be fine with Xander and Deshawn on their team. Xander considers taking out Liana, which Evvie agrees with. Danny and Deshawn want to vote for Evvie. Liana wants to vote for Evvie, but she's worried about Xander's idol. Liana asks Xander about his plans, saying she'd like to have his idol. He tells her he will let her know if he's going to play it on Evvie. 

At Ua camp, Shan considers getting Heather out. Shan and Naseer decide to stick together, not use their idols, and vote Heather. Naseer tells Heather she will be voted out. Erika asks Naseer if he would use his idol on Heather, but he tells them flat out no. Erika wants to vote out Shan or Naseer. 

At Viakana camp, Xander and Evvie approach Deshawn and Danny. Xander tells Deshawn Liana tried to put Deshawn's name out. Deshawn considers voting with them and voting out Liana.

Danny tries to convince Xander that they need to vote out Evvie. Xander considers playing his idol. 

At Ua camp, Ricard thinks it's silly to vote out Heather, who is a non-threat. Ricard talks to Erika and Heather, suggesting they blindside Naseer. Ricard comes to Shan with the plan. Shan wants to vote for Heather. Ricard asks for her extra vote to vote out Naseer. Shan approaches Heather and Erika with mixed results. Ricard is not sure how it will all go as they head to tribal. 

At tribal council for the yellow team, Ricard indicates that Heather is the easy vote. Erika explains that she and Heather have been trying, but they have no advantages. Shan indicates that Erika is the only one who is truly safe. Naseer explains that he has a history with Heather. Heather is disheartened, but she's proud to have made it this far. They vote. It is a 3:3 tie between Heather and Naseer. Naseer is voted out on the revote 3:1.

At tribal council for the blue team, they are shocked to see Naseer on the jury. Danny and Deshawn remark that there is nowhere to hide in this small group. Xander is feeling confident with the amount of power he has. Evvie is pretty sure their plan will come to pass. Everyone is pretty comfortable, except Danny, who felt fine until he saw Naseer. They vote. Evvie is voted out 3:2. 


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