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It's Day 4. At Ua camp, Brad is nervous about JD. Brad sees JD and Ricard going off to get water, so he sprints to beat them to the well, where he hides in the bushes. JD and Ricard arrive and collect some water, talking about Brad. JD notes that he feels relaxed, which makes Brad think he has an idol. Ricard and JD head back, but Brad runs back quickly and beats them. 

Brad tells Shan he'll fill her in later. Shan thinks Brad is unpredictable and untrustworthy. Shan tells Ricard about Brad's eavesdropping.

At Luvu camp, Deshawn attempts to make fire but isn't having much luck. Naseer has a go at it and succeeds. Sydney tells us that they have decided to keep Naseer around because his survival skills make him essential.

At Yase camp, Tiffany is exhausted. Xander and Liana notice that no one else is around, so they split up. Xander fins the "Beware Advantage" which states that if it is taken, it must be obeyed. He decides to open it. It's a three-way-shared immunity idol, but it is only activated if it is found on all three tribes and activates by three secret phrases spoken in succession. Until that happens, Xander will have no vote at tribal council.

Xander shares this note with Evvie and Voce. Evvie, Voce, and Xander agree that should get Liana with them, so they can vote off Tiffany. Evvie realizes Xander is very powerful and she wants to go with the women. Evvie tells Liana and Tiffany about Xander's advantage and extra vote.

At the Immunity/Reward Challenge. Jeff checks in. Xander says his secret phrase but no one else does. The challenge consists of a swimming/diving leg, an obstacle leg to be run twice, and a puzzle leg. Luvu and Ua do well, but Tiffany struggles to get through her leg. Liana makes up time after Tiffany finally completes her leg, but Yase cannot catch up. Luvu wins the first immunity and reward (fishing gear). Ua wins the second immunity and the smaller amount of fishing gear.

Jeff tells the castaways that two people must leave and make a private decision. Luvu must choose. They choose Evvie from the Yase tribe and Deshawn, who readily volunteers, from their own tribe.

At Yase, Tiffany feels bad about how she did in the challenge. Xander and Voce want to vote her out, but Xander hasn't got a vote so it will be difficult. Liana humors Xander and Voce, but in a confessional tells us they will be voting for Xander.

Evvie likes the idea of having an ally on another tribe. She and Deshawn get to know one another. In a confessional, Deshawn shares his family history and how his parents inspired him to pursue medicine. 

Evvie offers him up a lot of information to Deshawn, mostly about how they intend to vote off Xander and about Xander's advantages. She tells Deshawn she will be protecting her vote, so he risks his and gains an extra vote. 

Evvie returns to Yase camp and tells her tribe she protected her vote. Tiffany and Liana tell Evvie they still intend to vote for Xander.

Evvie convinces Xander and Voce she is with them and will vote off Tiffany. Evvie tries to catch Tiffany up, but Tiffany is very confused about Xander's advantages and disadvantages -- she thinks Xander has an idol and therefore wants to vote for Voce to protect herself. Evvie and Liana reconsider working with Tiffany. 

At tribal council, Tiffany says it's very hard and she has felt like giving up at times, but she won't. Xander admits he's not sure what to do. Voce says that the tribe is on life support and they need to find out where the bleeding is coming from. He mentions his single mother's strong worth ethic that inspired him. Liana says no one knows what will happen. Tiffany notes that Survivor is not just about challenges, it's about the social aspect as well. 

Evvie says it's a balancing act, trying to figure out what's next -- tribe strength or loyalty. Xander says it's whatever gets them to the next day,

The tribe votes, except for Xander. Voce is voted out against Tiffany, 3:1


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