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At Yase camp, Liana regrets not taking out Xander.

Tiffany gets up early. She finds a "Beware Advantage" and shares this with Evvie and Liana. She opens it and they read it. It tells her a boat will be coming to pick her up, which she must get on or forfeit her vote.

At Ua, JD is doing impressions, making Genie and Ricard laugh. Brad wakes up and starts doing chores around camp. He finds a "Beware Advantage" which is the same as Tiffany's -- he must get on the boat or forfeit his vote.

At Luvu, Sydney recounts to her tribe -- except Naseer -- what happened the night before. Naseer told her he wanted Danny out. Naseer now feels like he's in trouble and apologizes for saying anything wrong, citing the language barrier. Sydney, who previously wanted Naseer to stay, now wants him out. 

Sydney spots the "Beware Advantage" in plain sight and grabs it. Naseer spots her. After reading it, she decides she will get on the boat. 

At Ua, JD searches for an idol, but cannot find anything. He suspects that someone has already found it. Shan, Genie, Ricard, and Brad discuss who might have found the idol. 

Flashback to thirty minutes earlier: Brad had found the other "Beware Advantage" -- the same one that Xander had found. Upon reading it, Brand and Genie realize that Xander has another one.

Brad tells Shan about both of his "Beware Advantages" and tells her that he has to get on the boat that night.

That night, Brad builds a little fake body in his bed and sneaks away from camp.

Tiffany and Sydney both leave their respective camps.

Brad, Sydney, and Tiffany arrive together on a mysterious island. They each must decide if they want a tarp or a steal-a-vote. If all three chose steal-a-vote, none of them get it. If the vote is split by two steal-a-votes to one tarp, the tarp voter gets nothing, but the steal-a-votes get theirs. They talk amongst themselves. TIffany is willing to risk her vote. Sydney does not trust Tiffany at all. Tiffany doesn't trust Sydney. Brad chooses steal-a-vote, Sydney chooses tarp.

TIffany, Brad, and Sydney check their tree-mail. Tiffany had decided not to risk choosing steal-a-vote. Sydney and Tiffany get nothing. Brad gets the steal-a-vote.

The three tribes arrive for the reward/immunity challenge. Many are shocked Voce was voted off of Yase. 

Jeff checks in with everyone. Brad manages to paraphrase his broccoli-related secret phrase from the "Beware Advantage." Xander responds with his butterfly secret phrase again. No third secret phrase is uttered.

Jeff explains the challenge, with the reward being a large supply of fresh fruit for the winners and a smaller tray for the second-place finishers. 

Evvie, Shan, and Deshawn reach the ladder. They cross a tricky rope bridge. Ricard, Liana, and Naseer are next. Next are Danny, JD, and Tiffany. Meanwhile, Xander tells Brad he's with him. Tiffany struggles on the rope bridge. Sydney, Brad, and Xander are the last to make it. All the tribes dig for a bag of sandbags. They must land five sandbags on precarious platforms. Deshawn wins it for Luvu. Xander manages to pull in second place for Yase.

Brad will have no vote. JD apologizes for underperforming. Brad wants to get JD out. JD goes off to relieve himself, returning with Shan's water. Shan notices the piece of paper. JD shows Shan and Ricard his extra vote. He apologizes for not having told them further. Shan and Ricard tell him they are disappointed.

Shan wants to vote JD out. Ricard says he does not trust JD, that he is sneaky, but he is indebted to them. Ricard says he doesn't trust Brad either, but Brad is more useful around camp and at challenges. Shan can't decide.

JD pleads his case to Shan, worried he has lost trust with Shan and Ricard, apologizing. JD gives his extra vote to Shan to hold on to as a gesture of trust. 

Shan realizes she is the deciding factor. She recognizes she is an emotional player, recalling how when she was five she had to choose if she wanted to live with her dad or her mom, and when she chose her mom, her dad starting crying front of her. She doesn't want to hurt someone like that again. 

Ua arrives at tribal council. JD takes responsibility for losing the challenge. Ricard says he favors his alliance more than strong players and says he has been lied to. Genie says she has her alliance. Brad talks about building trust. JD feels like he has lost everyone's trust. Brad says voting someone out is a healthy cycle. JD talks about how important Survivor has been to him. 

Ua votes. Brad is not able to vote. Brad is voted out 3:1. 


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Survivor Season 41 Episode 3 Quotes

You got caught! That's not coming clean, that's getting caught!


Change is the only thing that's constant in this world.