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Becky gives more insight into her meltdown at the restaurant. Howard ended their relationship and is having her transferred to a sports bar.

Becky explains she is more hurt that she is losing her family and her home than losing Howard. Jake gets into an altercation with Fred Benson (husband of Serena, we met him in 102).

Howard wants to fire Jake, but Simone won’t let him. We learn that Simone has been sleeping with Fred Benson, the husband of her ex-best friend and former server, Serena. Tess overhears an argument between Simone and Jake.

We learn more about their complicated relationship and witness the control Simone has over Jake.

Tess falls down the stairs of the restaurant. Tess does not pass her written test, but Will insists that with just a little more time, she can pass.

Simone wants to let Tess go. Howard hires her anyway.

Tess earns her stripes (passes her trails and is hired as a back waiter at the restaurant).

Season 1 ends on a mysterious note for Tess and Simone.

At the end of 106, Simone gives Tess a warning to “be careful” now that she will be working at the restaurant.  We learn that Tess’s name is Tess. Throughout the course of the season, we have only heard her referred to by different nicknames.

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Sweetbitter Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

We brought you something; it’s lavender from the Cape. Sometimes, when I know I have a challenging day, I like to stash it in my bra.


Sasha: You should return.
Tess: Where?
Sasha: Where the fuck do you think where? Wherever you came from.