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John takes Bay on a trip to track down her cousin and Daphne on a college tour. Kathryn attempts to play matchmaker. 

Daphne is still blaming Regina for Angelo's death by treating her poorly.

John is trying very hard to get the girls out of their grief rut, but they aren't as excited about it. When Bay gets a letter from Angelo's mother about a cousin in Chicago, John books a trip.

Toby's neighbor, Lily, is not interested in techno music on her only day to have a lie in.

Leo shows up with Abby and Regina doesn't know what to do. She decides she needs to get to a meeting.

Daphne visits Northwestern University. When the tour guide says there's a pre-med mixer later that night, John tells her to stay out as late as she wants.

Bay has to tell her cousin Sebastian that Angelo died through his apartment intercom. Turns out he's about as forthcoming as a hole in the wall. It's a shame, because he's an artist and they might have a lot in common. Because he treats her like crap, she ends up breaking something. 

Daphne corrupts the medical student at Northwestern. They try to buy some "herb" but the dealer only has "blow." Daphne's smile isn't a good sign.

Mary Beth, Emmett, Tank and new gal Lily are all at Toby's first gig. Emmett never knew who Tank was until that moment.

Tank is acting like finding a new lady is exciting, but it's easy to tell he's still torn up over Bay. Emmett acted as Travis to make the situation easier.

Kathryn tries to fix up Renzo with Leo. The first obstacle is when Renzo finds out Leo doesn't drink. WHAT?!

Bay asks John for the $700 to pay Sebastian, but he's not an ATM!

Daphne and the med student do the coke and damn there is nothing about panting that looks remotely exciting. 

When med takes a selfie with Daphne, it throws her back to the selfie with Angelo and she goes a but nuts. She wants to toss his futon off the roof and they do it, almost killing three people.

Renzo and Leo don't have a single thing in common and Renzo is completely nervous. His hair is a mess and he spills the beans. Renzo is completely into Leo and that makes him drink even more.

Travis gets to the club and kisses Mary Beth. Tank tells Emmett that some guy is kissing on his girl. Tank is completely wasted. Lily is a teacher and reveals Emmett when she sees him drinking a beer.

Sebastian continues to be an ass and John discovers he's trying to take them for a ride because of all Angelo took from him. he pauses when he learns Angelo died from an aneurysm, because Angelo's sister Angela died from the same at age 19. 

Renzo unplugged the baby monitor, making things with Leo even worse.

Bay realizes she may have inherited an aneurysm. 

Bay looks a lot like her aunt Angela. Sebastian wants her to keep Angela's photo.

Tank doesn't have any friends left after de-pledging. Toby and Lily take him home.

Kathryn tells Leo he always has a family with them.

Bay cannot believe Daphne did coke. None of us can! Daphne tells Bay it's Regina's fault that Angelo is dead and tells her about the gun incident, so Bay tries to get her to understand that Angelo died of an aneurysm. 

Tank hits on Lily, but I'm guessing Toby's more her style. Her brother is deaf and she just started working at Carlton.

Toby is looking for a roommate and Tank takes him up on it. 

Daphne tells Regina she got high. Very high. 

Bay gets home to find her little sister there. 


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