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The family rushes to the hospital when Angelo is involved in a life threatening car accident. 

Waiting is torture for the entire clan. Regina talks Daphne into taking the SATs, but she doesn't stay long.

Kathryn helps Regina pray.

Bay gives a directed blood donation to Angelo and starts to hallucinate having her own child, twins, with only Angelo at her side. He recalls the day she was born. He had never done anything more important. As the "proud papa" enters her dream, she wakes to see Emmett.

Daphne comes back to the hospital in time to read the doctor's lips as he pronounces Angelo brain dead. The doctor later confirms, Angelo no longer has a recoverable injury.

The doctor tells them the most humane thing they can do is remove the ventilator. Regina is angry that they want the family to do the dirty work for them.

The doctor suggests organ donation to Daphne to offer comfort to the family so a part of Angelo can live on.

John refuses to quit on Angelo, and he worries that Angelo could have committed suicide.

Angelo went to John for a loan, but John refused him. When Angelo said he was broke, John thought "yeah, you deserve it." He deeply regrets his actions now.

Bay and Daphne get into a big argument about Angelo.

Daphne imagines her wedding day, and Angelo seeing her in her dress. He tells her love is like medicine. An imperfect science. You can't touch it or measure it, but if he makes you feel like the most wonderful woman in the world, then she made the right decision.

While searching for the phone number for Angelo's mother, Emmett finds Angelo's Last Will and Testament. He had a living will.

Regina thinks she's the cause for Angelo's accident. She regrets all of her earlier decisions, and holding so much against him for so long.

Daphne tries another last ditch effort, speaking to a doctor about another man who woke up after being declared brain dead. The doctor shows Daphne his scans and patiently explains Angelo's condition to her.

The women in Angelo's life decide to donate his organs. As the discuss organ donation, a new doctor talks about the brain aneurysm that Angelo suffered resulting in the accident. Daphne latches onto the idea that anger is one of the possible reasons it ruptured, although stress and other pressures were also suggested.

Bay calls her grandmother, meeting her under very unfortunate circumstances. She says goodbye to her son on the phone.

Angelo imagines a different scenario when Angelo left after Daphne's birth. The elevator door opened, he came back and they promised to work on it together.

The family all gathers around as they remove the machines from Angelo.

Daphne blames it all on Regina.



Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

When my kids are in trouble, I want them to come to me whether or not they believe in me.


Whoa. Angelo is in the hospital with a brain injury and you were off taking some stupid test?