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Toby and Lily have a conflict, Bay tries to support Tank and Daphne and Travis get their admission results. 

Bay is still struggling with the news about her aneurysm by herself.

Toby wants to lay down some ground rules for the roommate situation with Tank. Toby's are realistic and Tank's are not true to character, at all.

Tank blames Bay for all of his injustices at the moment.

It's Gallaudet admissions day. Emmett gets in and Travis is out in the dark. Melanie doesn't understand how it happened and promises to look into it.

Daphne is accepted, as well, but she doesn't seem all that happy with her news.

Wes drops in on Regina with a basket of muffins. Regina decides to talk business and discovers they're breaking ground the next day. Daphne shows up to ruin their civilized conversation.

Sharee is failing English, but she has Lily for class -- Toby's new neighbor.

When Bay and Tank meet in art class, he gives his condolences to Bay and she kind of does the same for him about talking de-pledging with his dad.

Daphne goes to the thug that she made promises to on behalf of Regina and the East Riverside project and decides to join him when he trashes the ground breaking ceremony.

Toby is shocked when Lily is so dismissive about helping out Sharee and the rough times she has been through with her mother.

Travis doesn't seem interested in going to another school where he'll be the only deafie.

Emmett is unhappy Bay will be going to dinner with Tank instead of celebrating his admittance into Gallaudet.

At the dinner, Tank tells Bay he never told his dad they aren't still dating. Chuck seems to be a drinker.

Travis is out with a deaf friend who skipped college but has a good job with full benefits. Travis wants to look him up after graduation.

Daphne trashes property with spray paint and destruction at the East Riverside project.

During an argument between Toby and Lily, they start making out. As you do. 

Tank tells his father about de-pledging and Chuck is unhappy. Tank holds up very well against his father, considering. Chuck walks out of the meal.

Bay tells Tank what she hasn't been able to tell anyone else. She hasn't been to see a doctor because if she goes to see one, then it's real.

The East Riverside project is toast and the only contractor they can work with is Coto's.


Switched at Birth
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