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Bay looks into Angelo's family medical history while Daphne pushes for students to enjoy senior ditch day with chaotic results. 

The seniors decide on a ditch day and plan on going to Hawkeye Ranch.

Travis drops out of school for the job.

Bay and Daphne argue over the thug, Nacho, who appears to show up to Hawkeye with a girlfriend.

Kathryn and Regina go to New York for Kathryn's book promotion.

"Mandy" runs into Bay at Hawkeye Ranch. She broke up with her boyfriend when she realized how much Emmett could be into someone.

Kathryn runs into someone who thinks he is in her book. Apparently she (Katie Dixon) did a little something with him back in the day and wrote it into the book under different characters. 

Bay gets a call from Dr. Larkin who wants her to go in for a meeting and Bay freaks out, taking it out on Emmett.

Kathryn and Regina pretend to be lovers to get rid of the guy.

Sharee is worried about Daphne.

Daphne and Travis ride the Ferris wheel and Daphne plants a kiss on him. Travis tells her he can't.

Bay finally tells off Daphne.

Regina and Kathryn create quite a stir.

Bay learns she'll be fine for now and wants to join Emmett at USC.

Daphne continues to spiral, lashing out at Regina.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Regina: Train guy's still here. (kisses Kathryn)
Kathryn: Wow.
Regina: Seriously, that was great. Not the kiss, the reading.

I guess I better tend the home fires tonight.