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Daphne is determined to find the person who vandalized Regina's studio while Bay is confused about her feelings for Tank and Emmett. 

Bay tells Daphne she had sex with Emmett. They didn't use any protection. She wants Daphne to go with her tomorrow to get the morning after you're a complete idiot pill.

Emmett hides what happened to him from his mother. He tells her he hot-wired his bike that she took away from him. He wants to stay home, just once. She says absolutely not.

Regina wants to be the one to tell Katherine and John about the brick.

It's Regina's birthday and Katherine wants to cook a special dinner. It makes Regina uncomfortable.

Emmett has to face Matthew at school. He wants to call a truce. Matthew is still angry about losing their school and Emmett didn't want him slashing anymore tires. Emmett says he was lead back to Bay so he did him a favor.

Regina gives Wes a bill for her window. She says she'll pay it back on a payment plan. His car has had a similar experience. He seems genuinely concerned about her welfare.

Daphne goes back to the neighborhood to try to find out who threw the brick.

Emmett assumed that Bay was on the pill because of who she dated. He wasn't expecting to have sex on his first date. She's really freaked and has a boyfriend. She tells Emmett it shouldn't have happened if she was with someone else.

Bay cannot believe that she almost had a thing growing inside her. She admits to Daphne that she and Tank never really clicked like that, no matter how hard she tried.

Matthew takes things too far by plastering texts with his fake girlfriend all over school.

Bay goes to see Tank and he tells her he de-pledged the fraternity. His brothers were talking about porn stars and threesomes and the bathroom was covered in puke, so he knew it was time. His entire pledge class was banned from talking to him for a year, so he's happy he has her.

Daphne tells Angelo what happened with the brick. Bay then lets it slip about the blackmail and the note.

Bay and Daphne try to swindle the brick thrower for with a game of pool. He says she's a sellout and a whore. Daphne says Regina quit and to leave her out of it from here on out. She doesn't know about Regina asking for her job back.

Melody figures out that someone was messing with Emmett. When he admits it was Matthew, she says it's cyber bullying. He says, so I get to be humiliated to teach everyone about cyber bullying?

Daphne and Regina talk about the East Riverside project. Daphne says people there hate them.

Before Emmett goes into the principal, Matthew shows Emmett a photo that "Mandy" said he erased. Emmett backs down because of the potential damage of the photo.

When Matthew makes light of the situation, Melody slams Matthew up against the lockers and tells him to stay the hell away from her son.

Daphne asks Angelo to learn to sign. It's very difficult for her with his accent.

Melody is suspended for what she did to Matthew.

Angelo moves in with Daphne and Regina.

Bay looks at old memorabilia of her and Emmett and she calls him.

John tried to type weather on Bay's laptop and he sees "where in Mission Hills should I but the morning after pill."

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

That image of you and Emmett as teen parents is really freaking me out right now.


Emmett: Are you into Tank?
Bay: It doesn't matter if I'm into him. We're together. Emmett, I did the one thing that I swore I would never do. You, of all people, should understand how crappy I feel right now.