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Daphne is offered a great opportunity while Bay and Emmett get a shock when they challenge Matthew. 

Bay learns Emmett was sexting with Mandy/Matthew and send a junk shot.

Daphne delivers breakfast in bed to Regina and Angelo. They want her to stay and eat with them. 

Angelo decides to go to work with Regina to see how things are with Wes.

Kathryn will be on the cover of Parade Magazine. Bay wonders why her parents are acting so odd, and Kathryn reveals they know about the morning after pill. Kathryn thinks it was with Tank. Bay says they broke up and Kathryn's misunderstanding continues.

Daphne receives good news at the clinic. Dr. Jackson found funding and she'll be his new assistant, which includes overseeing the volunteers.

Kathryn has a sexy photo shoot with shirtless "baseball" players. John doesn't know why they need male models when they have the real thing right there.

The real person who tried to sleep with John and wrote the competing switched at birth book is filing an injunction because of the character named after her.

Campbell is a little upset there wasn't a job opening for Daphne's position.

Bay and Emmett come up with a horrible plan to get the photo from Matthew's phone.

Wes is taking a trip to East Riverside and he wants to take Regina and a gun. She freaks.

Tank shows up at Bay's house. He wants to find out why they broke up so suddenly. He wonders what John might know and he spills the beans on emergency contraception. Tank swears ... and John shares that he doesn't want her with someone who will put her in that position. Tank promises him it will never happen again.

Kathryn confronts Sarah Mazar. It doesn't go well.

When Daphne freaks out about an upcoming inspection, Campbell tells her to calm down, he's been through them before and it's easy.

When Emmett and Bay go through Matthew's computer they find a lot of photos of Emmett that he shouldn't have. Bay finds a letter and realizes Matthew is in love with Emmett.

When Matthew finds Bay at his locker, he threatens to get them expelled. The letter was a joke, he explains.

When the clinic fails the inspection, Daphne and Campbell argue. He thinks he should have gotten the job.

Natalie suspected about Matthew's feelings for Emmett and knew he was catfishing him. Bay wants advice on the situation and Natalie thinks forcing Matthew to deal with his feelings will make things worse.

Regina understands why the reporter is angry since people are spreading rumors that she's sleeping with Wes.

Regina leaves the office late and someone in a hoodie is waiting for her in a dark car. She calls 911 but they leave while she's on the phone.

Bay confronts Tank at school. He shares the lecture he got with John and asks her if, after she learned Emmett cheated on her if that was anything he could say to make her feel better. No.

Kathryn tries to change the direction of her Tara/Sarah character, but her editor won't let her.

Bay talks with her dad about Tank and Emmett. 

Regina gets a strange phone call that only confirms the caller has the right number. She wants Wes to teach her how to shoot.

Campbell is leaving the clinic because Dr. J. found him a paid job across town. He doesn't think he'll have a lot of time see Daphne being the new guy at the other clinic. He says goodbye.

Emmett lets Matthew off the hook but he doesn't accept it well.


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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Oh. It was a tasteful junk shot. I did not know I would ever have to learn the sign for junk shot.


Fine. If we get into any trouble we can fend them off with our intimidating wallpaper samples.