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Kathryn throws a murder mystery party and she and John find some surprises about one another. 

Tank impresses John upon meeting him. Like the rest of us, John wants Bay to date him.

Renzo wants to throw a cocktail party to celebrate Kathryn's book deal, but she hasn't shared the the topic with John yet. She's writing an erotic novel based on the sex lives on his former teammates.

Tank's real name is Miles, which she tells Daphne while she's deciding whether or now she should change her mind about dating him.

Bay is surprised to learn Tank hasn't asked her to his fraternity luau, but then realizes it's probably because he was friend zoned.

Jose and Campbell tiff over Daphne at work.

Regina tells Adriana she saw John and Jenise kissing.

Jose tells Daphne to find a less dangerous way to celebrate his 21st birthday than sledding because he had a tramautic brain injury and it's still healing. Further injury would make it worse.

Tank wishes he had brought two bouquets of flowers for Bay's moms when he meets Regina. 

John greets Jenise awkwardly when she arrives to the party with Toby.

John wants to pretend that it's just another normal evening just before Adriana dramatically drops dead. Renzo has unknowingly planned a murder mystery party.

Renzo has prepared dossiers for all of the players as well as costumes.

Campbell wants to know why Daphne is asking him to dinner on his birthday if it's not a date. She then has to reveal she's throwing him a surprise birthday party and all of his Colorado friends are coming.

Gretchen shows up to Campbell's birthday party.

While looking for clues in the murder mystery, John discovers Kathryn's book proposal and confronts her.

Regina tells Jenise she needs to back off.

Gretchen tells Daphne she understands what Campbell sees in her.

Bay gets Tank into her bedroom and defriends him with a kiss. She asks him about the luau and he tells her it's a "dogfight" -- a contest between all of the brothers to see who can bring the ugliest date. Bay knows that MaryBeth was asked by her supposed friend.

Campbell's friends get him an adapted snowboard. Daphne is worried because of what it might do to his brain if he's injured again. Gretchen said it's clear Daphne doesn't know him very well.

Bay tells Tank she won't be with someone who would be in a fraternity who condones treating women like that no matter how much family history he has with it.

Jenise tells John Regina knows and Kathryn overhears the conversation.

Bay tells MaryBeth about the luau.

Kathryn tells John to get out.

Tank comes back to Bay and tells her he made an anonymous call to the fraternity board effectively cancelling the dance.

Campbell doesn't go snowboarding and Jose tells Daphne to let him know when she makes up her mind about them.

John moves in with Toby.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't know who started it, but as the single person in the equation, you need to be the one to back off.


Bay: Wow. We get better with practice.
Tank: Yeah, I've been waiting to do this for a long time.