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Daphne and Bay both try to put things right while Kathryn has Renzo over for dinner. 

Bay joins the field hockey team when she learns it fulfills her gym class requirement for the whole year.

Another deaf student's tires are slashed at Carlton.

Bay's artist professor is not at all excited with her work, but even less with Tank's, who she throws out of the class.

Kathryn enjoys herself at tap class and Renzo answers her phone while she's there.

Bay tells her art teacher about Tank taking care of her when she was drunk, and he's back in the class.

Field hockey begins and Bay finds out that if she doesn't play, there isn't a team.

Kathryn decides to invite Renzo to dinner to put John's mind at ease.

Regina needs to buy a new car to look the part of a high end designer. 

Daphne lets a student go from the clinic before he has been signed out by a doctor, and Campbell covers for her.

Bay and Toby quit over field hockey after she gets steam rolled on the field.

Emmett is filming field hockey and sees someone slash some tires, getting it on film.

When Regina goes to visit her cousin to talk about the baby room, the cousin glibly says she kind of wishes that her baby is switched at the hospital. The amount of work is overwhelming to Regina, and it's all for free.

Travis and Emmett try to figure out from the video who is slashing tires.

Campbell and Daphne go to find the skater, and Campbell tries to reason with the dude by asking if he wants to be around when they find a cure for diabetes and when that doesn't work, he appeals to him by asking to help with Daphne so she doesn't get fired.

Campbell and Daphne talk about waking and hearing again.

Renzo and Kathryn tap for the family after dinner. John realizes Kathryn bailed on the dinner to go to a drum circle and he gets very angry.

Daphne misses the sense of community they had when they lived in their small house and reminds Regina how she used to take free things and make them beautiful.

Kathryn tells John she's been very sad and she's tired of pretending she's happy.

Daphne plays basketball with the mean girl, loses and has to buy her breakfast.

Regina is dumpster diving, and she meets the guy who is in charge of renovations, Wes. Wes says if anyone gives her trouble for going through the trash, she should tell them he said it's OK.

Daphne meets Campbell's girlfriend and seems jealous.

Emmett discovers who has been slashing tires when Natalie puts on her hoodie.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

In my experience, coaches are hardest on the players they think have real talent.


Do you think I would feel differently about being deaf if I remembered what it was like to hear?