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Daphne and Sharee are at odds after a false accusation surfaces. 

Emmett confronts Matthew about slashing tires and he admits to it, saying it's like taking back Carlton. 

Daphne asks John if he'll be at their first lacrosse game. He says yes when she tells him she worked her community schedule around the game.

Bay is working on her early school admission paperwork.

Toby tells Katherine he is ready to look for his own place to live.

Bay asks Professor Ledarsky for a letter of recommendation.

Emmett tells Travis Matthew is the person vandalizing all of the deaf students cars. Travis says it's badass.

Katherine is happy when Toby finds somewhere close to live and offers to help pay his rent.

When Bay asks to go on a field trip with Professor Ledarsky, Toby kicks her off the lacrosse team.

Regina visits Wes to talk about his furniture and make a pitch. He likes her lamp, refurbishing discarded stuff and he wants to take her to Denver. 

The new students are having their lockers searched. Emmett is distressed, but Travis wants to just wait it out.

They find a knife in Sharee's locker and she's expelled. It was a box cutter that she uses for her job as a box cutter as a grocery store clerk. Daphne has additional evidence and wants Sharee to go into school with her so they can fight it.

Toby finds another place that he could afford on his own and is 30 minutes away. Katherine is very upset.

Wes offers to Regina to work with him in Denver. When she chooses her family over his project, she sees his true colors.

John tells Katherine that the last time she visited her mother she paid $250 to leave early so her mother would stop telling her how to live that live and not to be "that mom."

The principal at Carlton reinstates Sharee, but she still gets detention for a month. Sharee is angry and afterward she and Daphne get into a pushing match in the hallway.

Professor Ledarsky feels as though her work is no loner relevant and tells Bay that if she wants to be happy she shouldn't go to art school.

Bay wonders whether or not she wants to go to art school, after all.

Daphne blows up at John after he tells her he expects her to start robbing banks next.

Professor Ledarsky gives Bay a letter of recommendation.

Wes apologizes to Regina and the agree to work together.

John apologizes to Daphne and agrees it will always be her home, even if she robs a few banks.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Regina: You don't have a desk, but you have a jet.
Wes: Yeah.

You don't narc on your friends.