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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 19, Hope makes her move and kidnaps Will while he's being watched by Bay. Bay is, understandably, confused about why Hope is stealing Will and it doesn't help that when she tells Regina about the kidnapping, she still doesn't share the truth about Eric and Will's home life with Hope. Regina convinced Bay to keep what happened between them her and Eric try to figure out how to get Will back.

Hope eventually calls up Eric, but she asks to meet with Regina instead. Regina goes to the park to meet with her and Hope demands that they give her money and if they do, she won't call the cops on Eric. She assures Regina she is no longer on drugs and wants to start her life over again now that her ex husband is in jail. Regina is still not sure about it, but she relents and agrees to give Hope the money after talking with Eric. 

Meanwhile, Daphne reveals the truth about Eric to Bay and Bay becomes considerably angry. Bay decides to confront Regina and tells her she has never accepted Bay as her daughter and only seems to share important information with Daphne. Later, Bay shares the truth with Kathryn and John who confront Regina about why a fugitive is living in their home.

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