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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 15, Bay, Daphne and Travis are excited about helping Melody out in Mexico, but they are quickly surprised when Emmett shows up to also help Melody out. Bay's anger comes boiling to the surface, but she tries to keep things civil between her and Emmett until he mentions he didn't start dating Skye until after they were broken up. 

Bay decides she wants to get revenge on her ex and tries to provoke him into fighting with her, but he refuses to take part in a fight. When Emmett leaves his phone unattended, Bay gets the idea to act like Emmett and text Skye using his phone. Emmett finds out about it and confronts Bay who admits she did text Skye. Emmett goes off on her and tells her, her jealousy is absolutely insane and she needs to accept the fact he is in a relationship with someone else and he walks away. Bay can't let her jealousy go easily and goes over to Travis and starts flirting with him which angers Emmett. Emmett tries to tell Bay to leave Travis alone, but Bay keeps egging him on more and more until Emmett punches Travis. Melody gets in the middle and sends everyone back to their rooms to cool off.

The next day, Bay goes to Frida Kahlo's house, but the house is already closed. Bay starts to get upset until she meets a woman outside the house who was a student of Frida Kahlo and tells Bay stories about her. Bay starts talking about Frida's relationship with Diego, but the woman quickly puts Bay in her place and says that Frida was never happy and she let her obsession and jealousy with Diego fuel her life. Bay realizes that she is doing the same exact thing when it comes to her and Emmett. 

When Bay is getting ready to leave she finally apologizes to Emmett and they have an adult conversation about the state of their relationship and Bay realizes they are better apart.

Meanwhile, Daphne becomes passionate about helping the people of Mexico acquire hearing aids, but she soon realizes that no everyone can be helped. When Daphne meets a young girl who has been deaf since birth, never been to school and has never learned to sign, she makes it her mission to find a solution for her. Daphne meets a young man who learned how to sign and he agrees to help those who want it with signing and Daphne goes to share the good news with the young girl and her mother, but the mother is not on board. 

When the time comes for the sign class, the young girl doesn't show up, but Daphne is reminded that she still helped out five other people who never would have had the same opportunity if it wasn't for her. 

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