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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 14, Daphne tells Bay that Regina and Eric are moving in together and Bay is surprised Regina never told her. Bay confronts Regina about the news who apologizes for forgetting to tell her, but assures her they are ready to move in together. Bay is still unsure about Regina moving in with Eric because they haven't even been together a year. Things get worse when Bay is reminded of Angelo's birthday. Bay suggests to Regina they should do something to celebrate his life and Regina agrees. When the day comes for the celebration, Bay brings it up to her and it turns out Regina forgot and made plans to go to Will's recital. Bay gets angry with Regina and doesn't understand why she can't cancel to celebrate her husbands life, but before Regina can respond Bay leaves. 

Eventually Bay apologies to Regina for getting angry and admits a lot of her emotions is coming from Regina moving. Bay doesn't want to lose Regina and thinks if she moves 40 minutes away she'll never see her. Regina decides to come up with a plan and she asks Kathryn and John is Eric and Will can move into the guest house with her, but only if they agree to let her pay rent which they gladly agree too.

In the end, Bay is able to get Regina and Daphne together to celebrate Angelo's life and the women are reminded of the man who loved them. 

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