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Bryan gets a call from Riley to tell him that Mejia is being moved and transferred to the FBI.The Mexican government found out that the ODNI had Mejia and they want him back. Bryan realizes that he or Asha might be the leak. He confronts Asha and it goes badly, with her resenting his implication. George, the husband of FBI Agent Marie Salt, gets abducted by the cartel and she gets a call from them with directions. Bryan finds a bug and has to tell Asha about his work. Marie is in charge of the FBI's transfer of Mejia. Bryan feels everything is being done wrong so that the cartel can rescue Mejia. Bryan brings Mejia a new jumpsuit with a bug in it and the two of them have a tense conversation. Marie tells Bryan that her husband has been taken. The ODNI team convinces Christina to go along with the transfer while trying to find George at the same time. George's boss admitted that he set up George under duress. The team catches a cartel member nearby, but he gets shot before they can get anything out of him. The numbers of the dead member's phone lead them to a warehouse. The team locks up Marie's partner. Christina is threatening to pull out Mejia. Marie holds a gun to Mejia's head, trying to negotiate George's release herself. Bryan and the team at the warehouse rescue George. Mejia escapes after his team threw a smoke bomb. Cartel members and Elena abduct Asha. Bryan recaptures Mejia. Bryan gets a call from Asha and lets Mejia go. 

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Taken Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I will never rest until my son, who you killed is avenged, and you will not let go of the need to avenge your sister.

Mejia [to Bryan]

How do you know you haven't been hacked or broken into? Have you even considered that?

Asha [to Bryan]