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Russian FSB Agent  Yuri Surneyev is defecting to the U.S., but his married girlfriend Tatjana refuses to leave. The two CIA officers who are supposed to meet Yuri are killed. Their boss, Gretchen Lereau, is grilled by a panel, which includes Christina, about what went wrong. John's older brother, Pastor George, tries to recruit him to deal with new gang activity in his neighborhood. Yuri said the ambush of the CIA officers wasn't his fault. The ODNI team picks up Yuri, and fools him into thinking the FSB is following them with a tail car driven by Lem. But he won't leave without Tatjana. Bryan poses as a Chechen radical. Bryan knocks out Col, Kuznikov, Tatjana's husband, then they find out she's pregnant. Bryan sets an animal trap for anyone who might be following them to their hideout. John finds and takes out three gang members, telling them to leave the kids alone. The team spots several men tracking them. Bryan uncovers the hidden van, then a man and woman come out of the cabin and jump in, with the others following them. Two of the soldiers get taken out with a garotte, with the team shooting the rest, while Yuri and Tatjana stayed safety at the cabin. John and Faaron break into Gretchen's home and find incriminating documents on her laptop. Yuri and Bryan recruit two volunteers to drive their panel van and flush out a Russian ambush at the airfield. Gretchen stonewalls John and demands a lawyer. It's all a smokescreen to get to Brant Pope, the actual mole. Christina and John leave Brant with a syringe. He thinks it's to kill himself, but after he confesses, Christina tells him it's saline. Bryan forces Col. Kuznikov to drive Yuri and Tatjana to freedom. John tells Pastor George to stop praying for miracles and just try harder.

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Taken Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Yuri: Can I tell you something?
Becca: What is it?
Yuri: Please don't hurt her.

Yuri: I can't leave Russia.
Becca: I thought you wanted to defect.