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Tracy Dyer, the associate attorney general, strong-arms Christina into having her team help him recover data that could result in economic disaster for the U.S. Bryan is supposed to pick up this package from a man code-named Midas in Zurich. But Midas gets stabbed before he can pass the data. The dying MIdas hands Bryan an electronic banking card. The plan is for the team to steal the data from a bank vault before the other group comes for it. They abduct the bank manager and a criminal client to help them get into the vault. Lem burrows in from the bakery next door. The other team is watching the bank. Becca and Bryan have to surrender their weapons to go into the vault. Jusic, the thuggish client, has guns in his safe-deposit box, and pulls them on Becca and Bryan. Lem and Dave blow a hole from the bakery, and walk in on Jusic holding the others hostage. Lem gets the box open, then Bryan stabs Jusic with a drill bit, recovering the data file. John overrides the alarm, but gets shot by the other crew. The team escapes, but finds cops waiting for them outside. Their disguise as electrical workers holds up, thanks to a member of the other crew who vouches for them. John is barely hanging on, but they realize they are being followed. Bryan jumps out of the van with a plan. He arranges for a group of police to stop the other crew, and Bryan cuts off their retreat. The recovered disk shows that Midas was having an affair with Dyer. Bryan accuses Christina of lying to the team about the mission. She denies it, but Bryan knows more is going on. Dyer was going to be blackmailed by international bankers if they got the disk. Bryan's apartment has been bugged.


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Taken Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

[About the Swiss] Take all the chocolate and cheese that you like, but don't mess with our banks.


He's not taking any chances, is he?

Elena [to Asha]