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Former Green Beret Bryan Mills and his younger sister Cali are heading home by train to visit their parents on their anniversary. Bryan grows suspicious of a man who has entered their car. Bryan has Cali create a distraction while he checks out the man. Bryan uses the man's gun to shoot a gunman at the other end of the car, then takes down the first gunmen. He discovers that Cali has been shot and killed. Christina Hart and the covert-ops team she leads are looking into the murder. Evidence points to a Columbian drug lord Carlos Mejia avenging the death of his son. The surviving gunmen admits the plan was to kill Cali then abduct Bryan. Another member, Rem, bugs Bryan's phone while the family is at Cali's funeral. Cali's best friend Asha delivers a moving eulogy. Bryan makes the bad guys' van and chases after it. Bryan realizes that the gunmen were after him, so he goes on the run. Christina is using Bryan as bait to flush out Mejia. Bryan returns to his home then waits for Mejia's thugs. He's watching the neighborhood around his house via closed-circuit camera. He takes out four gunmen in short order, taking a phone off the body of one. Bryan contacts Mike Hall, the DEA agent he saved by killing Mejia's son, and warns him to run. He figures out that Hall is working with Mejia. Bryan abducts Hall, who tells him that Mejia threatened his daughter. More gunmen follow Bryan and Hall into the subway. Bryan considers executing Hall but frees him. He gives himself up to the gunmen so he can be taken to Mejia. Scott and Rem have Hall call Mejia's lawyer. They trace the lawyer's call to where Bryan is being held, then stage a rescue mission. Bryan takes down Mejia. Later, Christina tries to recruit Bryan.

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Taken Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

John [to captured gunman]: Didn't she just tell you it would be impossible to say nothing forever?
Gunman: You cops?
Becca: Please.
John: If you haven't figured it out already, your life is now in our hands. If I were you, I'd learn to live in the moment.

Bryan: Excuse me to lookng out for my little sister.
Cali: All grown up now.