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On his first mission, Bryan is sent on reconnaissance.  Bryan gets a call from John that the team is under fire, and that Bryan must rescue the hostage. After running through four guards, he comes upon a fifth holding the hostage. Throughout he is distracted by visions of his dead sister Cali. He nearly beats the guard to death, even though it's a training exercise. Sen. Wilkes collapses and dies at a D.C. restaurant. A team without Bryan is sent to the Ukraine after a Russian gunrunner. Bryan and Christina argue about his break from reality. The team captures the gunrunner, and Carlos Mejia confirms his identity. Christina gets a text that Sen. Wilkes was murdered from CIA Agent Clara Ward, but Clara is being followed. Christina grabs Bryan as backup to follow up on the text. Clara tells Christina the senator was poisoned. Christina gets in Clara's car but Clara is assassinated by a sniper and the car rolls over. She tells Christina "Fort" before dying. Christina was also hit.  She tells Bryan to find Clara's husband Harry. Harry visits Christina at the hospital. Faaron gives the photo that Bryan shot of the sniper to a CIA asset, who identifies William Davis as the shooter. Bryan is taken on the raid to capture Davis. Harry remembers Clara using the word "fortunata." Davis is escaping by using parkour across the rooftops. Bryan tracks Davis to a nearby parking garage and unfortunately knocks him off onto a van below, still somewhat alive. Four gunmen enter the hospital. Bryan cuts the power and takes out two in the basement. Bryan pretends to be Davis, lying in bed, and takes out two more gunmen. Christina, John and Bryan interrogate the two surviving gunmen. Christina figures out that the gunmen's bosses were selling refugees into slavery. Christina confronts the military contractor behind the operation. 

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Taken Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Christina: It's a wound, and like all wounds, it's going to take time to heal.
Bryan: So, in the meantime, you're going to make me ride a desk.

Dave: He's not a real terrorist. He's Delta Force playing a terrorist.
Bryan: I got the hostage. Easy. I got this.
Delta Force Guy: There's something wrong with you, in the head.
Christina: Let's just say he's still a work in progress.