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The team exchanges Secret Santa gifts. Meanwhile the coaches, Higgins, Keeley, and later Rebecca have celebratory drinks in Ted and Beard's office.

Jamie comes to them for help because he doesn't have a Secret Santa gift. Ted and company scrounge and wrap up a gift for him.

Keeley decorates her place for her and Roy's "Sexy Christmas" celebration. Those plans are put on hold when Roy comes with Phoebe because Phoebe's mum had to work.

Phoebe is upset because a classmate insulted her for having bad breath. Realizing this is a medical issue, Roy, Keeley, and Phoebe go knocking on doors to find a dentist.

At the tenth door, the trio finds a dentist. Phoebe is prescribed medicine. Then, in an homage to Love Actually, the trio convinces Phoebe's classmate to apologize.

Ted's plans to spend Christmas on FaceTime with his son hit a snag when Henry becomes too distracted with the drone Ted bought him.

A sad Ted is drinking and watching It's A Wonderful Life. Just as Ted reaches the part where George Bailey is contemplating suicide, Rebecca arrives to give Ted good cheer.

She takes Ted with her as they donate gifts to children.

Afterwards, they, along with some buskers, surprise Higgins, his family, and the team with an improptu concert.

As everyone celebrates in the snow, Santa's sleigh flies overhead.

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