Keeley and Jack on a Date - Ted Lasso
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Ted learns that Michelle is going to Paris with Dr. Jacob and starts to spiral.

He's convinced they're going to get married and turns to his friends.

Trent offers that he can't control what he doesn't know, and Ted proceeds.

He has a great day out with his son. They even go to a West Ham game and yell at Nate.

Nate is on a high after a night with Jade, and we learn their relationship is developing at a fast pace.

Ted checks Michelle's hand when she returns for Henry. No ring. She leaves the house and declines a kiss from Dr. Jacob, and looks back at Ted.

Ted has the green matchbook from Ola's as he talks to Rebecca -- a hint they're getting together?

An X-rated video of Keeley leaks, leaving everyone with questions.

Keeley knows she has to face her work colleagues and finds herself in a socking situation when Barbara reveals a statement shared by Jack telling her to say sorry for her actions.

Jack then rescinds an invitation to her uncle's event and Keeley is left puzzled, but Jack then takes her out and introduces her as her friend.

The two women come to blows when Keeley refuses to apologize, with Jack asking how many other videos are there. Jack leaves.

Jamie shows up the next morning and reveals that it's his fault.

Keeley hugs him and gives him the notion that she's fine about it.

Back at the club, the players get into a debate about keeping x rated images of ex partners.

Isaac tells everyone to delete them and he grabs Colin's phone, which we're expected to believe has a picture of a man.

Isaac gives the phone back and proceeds.

Nate is shocked when Jade says he's her boyfriend, but is very happy.

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jacob: Um, I should wash my hands 'cause I touched dirty money. Uh, I'm a hand-wash guy, Ted.
Michelle: Yeah. He's a hand-wash guy.

Jack: Okay, so, good news. We've got a much more toned-down version of the statement. The last one was so shit.
Keeley: Oh, great.
Jack: Hey. I know it's lame. But it will help, believe me.
Keeley: Before, when you said that you were gonna take care of this, I thought that meant you were gonna get the video taken down or something like that.
Jack: We tried. It's the fսcking Internet. Making this statement is taking care of it now.
Keeley: By having me make an apology?
Jack: Yes. Please just do it. Sorry, but it's not a great look when the person I'm seeing, whose company I fund, has a pоrnо online.
Keeley: A pоrnо?
Jack: You know what I mean. We're just... We're limiting the damage. Okay?
Keeley: Jack, I'm not doing it. This video being leaked is not my fault. But for some reason, you think it is.
Jack: Well, maybe, I don't know... Maybe you shouldn't have made the video in the first place. Uh... It's certainly not something to be proud of, Keeley.
Keeley: I don't regret making that video. And I don't regret sending it.
Jack: Um, are there more out there?
Keeley: I don't know. What are you doing?
Jack: I think I should go.
Keeley: Are you coming back?
Jack: I don't know.