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Scott and Lydia decide it is time that they join together.

Stilinski has to face a review board. 

Chaos and strife erupts as everyone wages battle against whether or not to kill Stiles. He slips away as the Oni enter.

Stiles goes to see Noshiku and asks why "that" Kanji. Because it signifies self and Reece died as himself. Stiles guts himself and flies swarm to Noshiku and Stiles disappears.

The fly makes its way to Isaac and inside him. He's the Nogitsune. (Later I'm thinking not so much... confusion)

Kira stays at Scott's because she no longer knows how to trust her parents. They sleep together on the bed and a fly lands on the window.

When Argent and Allison arrive home, Isaac is there. 

Derek decides to recreate the chess board. His wound from the Oni is not healing. A fly crawls into it. He's a Nogitsune (or something).

At the gym at school, Ethan drinks a fly and he's a Nogitsune (or something). It makes him incredibly randy and he and Danny head into the showers together.

Lydia and Aiden are driving and when she realizes her GPS isn't working, she needs to pull over right away. Stiles is down in the parking lot. A fly crawls into Aiden's ear. Yep -- he's a Nogitsune (or something).

Isaac has handcuffed Allison to her bed and intends to go after the twins.

Isaac is at Scott's and he's healing as fast as the wolves do.

Deaton paralyzes Stiles after he tells Aiden Ethan is in trouble at the school.

Argent answers the door and Derek is there prepared to fight about the death of his mother.

Stiles tells Melissa he knows why Mr. McCall left because Stiles heard it all when she called Stilinski after her husband left. He never told Scott because he knew he would hate his mother.

Lydia, Deaton and Scott talk about turning Stiles. Scott's worried he might kill him if he does it wrong. Lydia suggests they call Peter. 

Peter has a different idea for changing Stiles. 

Aiden and Ethan start to argue with each other and Isaac intervenes. 

Peter's plan is OKed by Lydia as long as Scott doesn't know. His plan to dig through Stiles mind includes Lydia going in with him.

Kira and Allison find the twins and Isaac and lock them in a room to fight it out.

Scott and Lydia find themselves inside Stiles mind, tied down to hospital beds.

Derek has poured gas onto Argent and is holding a lighter near him. He wants to wait for Allison to come so she can watch.

McCall saves Stilinski's job. He admits Beacon Hills is the Bermuda Triangle of homicides, disappearances and strange occurrences and even Sherlock Holmes couldn't figure it out.

Stilinski tells McCall to tell Scott, tell him everything.

Inside Stiles' head Scott breaks himself and Lydia free and then she's at a school dance being chased by the Nogitsune and Scott is making out with Allison. 

In real life, Lydia starts to bleed from the nose and Peter grabs her, tells her she's stronger than this and screams her name, breaking through to her inside Stiles head. (This writer swoons -- shhhhh)

Scott wonders why they're in Allison's closet hiding. Then he remembers they're not together. Something is wrong and it's a trick. He and Lydia find each other in a big white room where Reece is playing a game with Stiles on top of the Nemeton.

Lydia and Scott try to get Stiles' attention.

Back in real life, Allison and Kira are fighting the twins.

Argent breaks free of his ties and holds a gun to Derek. He doesn't want to kill him.

Lydia tells Scott to call out to his pack and when Scott howls, all the infected drop to the ground and ooze comes out of their mouths. All except Stiles. Since Peter held up his end of the bargain, he asks Lydia for the name. She says Malia and Stiles starts to choke out a long worm-like thing that is actually the bandages from the Nogitsune.

The body starts to reform on the floor in front of them as they watch. Scott and Peter wrestle him to the couch and remove his bandages. It's Stiles.

The other Stiles is gone, as is Lydia.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Peter: This is more a war of the mind than of the body. There are better methods for winning this battle.
Deaton: What kind of methods?
Peter: We're gonna get into his head.

Chaos has come again.