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Scott, Derek, and their friends make one last stand on the season 3 finale of Teen Wolf. 

Argent helps Scott come up with a story to tell the authorities about Allison's death so that he's in the clear. 

Stiles is with Kira and her parents and they try to come up with a divine move. A truly inspired or out of the box move.

Stiles realizes they need to talk with Deaton about burying the Nogitsune at the Nemeton.

Isaac goes to Argent's, but Argent says he doesn't have to stay. He'll be alright, he can compartmentalize his emotions. Isaac says he doesn't.

Stilinksi wants to keep the story quiet for as long as he can. The Oni walk into the Sheriff's office.

Derek is cauterizing Ethan's wounds with a lighter. Derek tells them to stand and fight for Scott.

Deaton talks about the Nemeton and how it was used to contain powerful objects. The wood is used to do that and the box that held Talia Hale's claws were made from the Nemeton. Deaton knows because he made it.

The Nogitsune goes to the hospital and wants to find Melissa McCall.

The Oni kill many at the hospital and the Nogitsune stands at the end of the hallway looking pleased.

Stilinski looks at the carnage, there are still Oni in the office and they start to fight, guns v swords.

McCall wants Melissa to tell Scott he left and then he'll send a follow up email. The elevator door open and the Oni are there. Melissa is sliced.

Isaac tells Argent Melissa was saying to tell her father and they talk about the silver arrowhead. Isaac asks to see it because he thinks it's gone.

Lydia has a rushing feeling, as if they're running out of time and Kira walks into Deaton's office with Kira.

Argent made five silver arrowheads. There are four left. Isaac realizes that Allison figured out how to kill the Oni -- the silver has to stay inside the body and then it will kill them.

Everyone who has been stabbed by the Oni is poisoned.

Scott, Kira, Stiles and Lydia arrive at the courtyard where Deaton got the lichen. It's filled with snow. 

Derek and the twins show up to the Nogitsune with Talia's claws. The get ready to fight.

In the courtyard, the original Nogitsune tells the gang he promised Stiles they would kill all of them. They are in Bardo. 

The Nogitsune tells Stiles that he has captured all the territories on the board, the Sheriff's station, the hospital and the animal clinic. Everyone he loves dying. 

As everyone around them are dying, battles are being waged against the Oni. 

As everyone is fighting, Stiles takes the sword and intends to fall on his own sword. The Nogitsune cheers him on but when Stiles can't see his reflection in the mirror he sees a school book and a desk in the courtyard and realizes his divine move.

Argent and Isaac arrive to help Derek fight the Oni with silver arrows.

Stiles tells them to stop fighting that it's an illusion. He asks Scott to trust him. Scott and Kira walk through the Oni blades being sliced on and continue. As they reach the Nogitsune, he moves away and the foursome are in the school. Evil Stiles refuses to be stopped.

Aidan kills an Oni and gets a sword through the belly. 

Scott bites Evil Stiles because you can't be a fox and a wolf and Kira impales him. A fly escapes his mouth and Isaac catches it in Talia's box. 

Evil Stiles cracks up like plaster and fades away. Everyone who was poisoned is better. Stiles, however drops to the ground. 

Stiles only fainted and is fine.

Aiden dies heroically with his brother at his side. Lydia sees him fallen and runs into Stiles' arms. 

Kira's parents clean up the Go game.

Scott breaks in Melissa's arms.

Argent and Isaac leave their apartment.

Lydia sees Malia in school and then Scott is showing her how to throw her claws.

Danny breaks up with Ethan after Ethan says he doesn't think he can stay. That's when Danny tells him he can't date a werewolf.

Regression to the mean, no matter how bad things get or how good, things always come back to the middle.

Derek tells Stiles about his dream and men who came to see him looking for the she-wolf and that they'll never find Cora. He said he doesn't know if they're real or not because he can't remember if he ever woke up. Stiles tells him about extra fingers and Derek realizes the shotgun blast to his gut was real.

Kate Argent was turned into a werewolf by Peter Hale according to Derek's dream, but she looks like a cross between a werewolf and a Kanima. Hmmmm.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Argent: I appreciate the concern but you don't have to stay. I'll be alright. I've dealt with this before. I have a capacity and an ability to compartmentalize my emotions.
Isaac: I don't.

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Noshiko: Tea?
Stiles: What, like magic tea?
Noshiko: No, Chamomile.