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Scott searches for a friend in Mexico on the Teen Wolf Season 4 premiere.

Stiles and Lydia are in Mexico, it seems. Stiles has a plan. She thinks they're going to die. They enter someplace secret by flashing what appears to be a playing card.

The enter a room to find a rave. Deorro is on the sign. They go to the bar and get two shots on the house. They didn't come to drink. Lydia drops an etched bullet into the glass. They are taken to Araya. They're there for Derek Hale, knowing she can be bought. They offer $50,000, but she doesn't want Japanese mafia tainted money.

She thinks they came alone. Not so much.

Malia tells Kira to dance with her, dumbass. Kira does not have the movies. Kira shows her and lesbian vibed sexual spectale is in progress. Let's here it for the girls!

Soon they are encircled by dancers pointing at them.

Araya's goons don't find their friends and Scott says to take $10k off the table. She still declines the offer.

Malia and Kira fight off some goons, but the dancers don't even take note. They and Scott go in search of Derek. Araya releases some gas to the club. The threesome are down. Araya comes to Scott and he realizes she doesn't know where he is, either. She uses a stun gun on him.

Flashback to Scott wondering where Derek is and discovering the bullets with the mark of the hunters. It sounds like the family name is the "Aloe Veras" but I think not. Lydia touches the bullets. She can't tell if he's dead or alive. Something's not right, but she doesn't know what.

Scott wakes up -- they don't have Derek, but they have Lydia. She's drinking tea with Araya in a courtyard. Araya wants Lydia to tell her which man is about to die.

Malia thinks they should leave Lydia behind. She's still running throught the wild side of life.

Araya tries to get Lydia to determine who she's going to kill. It doesn't work. Araya really wants to know about Scott. What kind of Alpha he really is.

Lydia is taken to a room where Scott is locked up. She is locked into a metal chair next to Lydia. Kira has to electrify Scott and if she doesn't a goon will turn it on Lydia. Araya wants to ask some questions and if they answer, they won't turn the dial.

Araya isn't satisfied to learn they don't know who took Derek and Kira dials up the electricity on Scott. A good oppty for "Do you really want to hurt me" is missed.

Stiles tries to get Malia to tune into Scott. He tells her to do what she needs to help her concentrate. It's a kiss.

Araya thinks Scott should be able to figure out who took Derek. Someone who may have turned without knowing, turned but without a bite.

Malia hears Scott scream. She says they're killing him.

While being electrocuted, Scott remembers a conversation between the Argent cousins. He names Kate. Malia hears, but thinks it's impossible.

Kate is standing in front of a tomb encasing Derek.

Araya lets them go. She sent four men out to find Kate but none of them returned. She wonders how this group will do. She says when Scott takes the bite of an innocent she will cross the border and take him herself.

Raven, or Motorcycle girl, is going to be their guide to Derek.

When they learn Kate was Allison's aunt, Kira says they don't have to talk about it. Scott says they have to know. A history of Kate's past is given. She was killed by Peter. Araya took her body. If a hunter is bit, they have to take their own life before they can turn. The Calivera's enforce those rules. Kate killed herself and came back.

They hit a bump in the road. Raven tells Scott they have to get their by night or it's too dangerous. Scott prepares to go with Raven and Kira tells him to be careful.

Malia realizes they didn't hit something; something hit them.

Scott reaches a ruined town. The church is still standing. It was built over the the ruins of an Aztec temple belonging to what Scott thought were shapeshifters. Raven says werejaguars.

Stiles is attempting to fix the jeep. Malia knows someone is out there, but she can't see. Kira uses her sword to reflect light and Malia sees something. She fangs out and runs to the hills, Kira after her.

Malia is cut. Whatever is out there is big and fast and cuts deep.

While walking with Raven, Scott says he and Kira never actually became girlfriend and boyfriend. He says she's not his girlfriend. Raven says he should have kissed his girlfriend.

Stiles can't believe Malia was going to leave without him. She says she would never leave without him. She'd leave without Kira and Lydia though.

Raven and Scott are hunting in the Aztek ruin toward a growl. Scott howls. He thinks he scared it. She thinks he scared everything. They find the tomb and open it. A hand is reaching out. They found Derek, sort of. He's a young man again.


Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Araya: You brought a wolf into my home?
Stiles: We brought an alpha.

Just give us Derek. You don't want him anyway. Haven't you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist. Just come on, take the money.