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Scott moves forward with a dangerous plan while Malia confronts her past. 

Stiles remembers the first time he and Malia slept together and why she spoons him rather than vice versa.

McCall tells Scott he wants to get to know why nothing phases him and his friends when he gets back from San Francisco.

Scott, Stiles, Kira and Liam decide to do something to get paid for the dead pool (or something?).

Liam's step dad wants to page Melissa; Scott has just coded and got his time of death.

Braeden doesn't understand why Derek isn't healing as fast as he should be. He no longer has wolf eyes.

Melissa screams in agony when she learns Scott is dead.

Liam wonders if everyone is totally sure about this, including Kira's mom, Noshiko. Whatever happens to Scott happens under her watchful eye.

Kira puts her hand on Scott's chest and electrocutes him.

Melissa goes to see Scott in the morgue. She's not alone. Noshiko and friends are there. Melissa still hates this plan!

His heart is beating just enough to keep an Alpha alive for 45 minutes. After that, if Kira can't bring him back, he dies.

Argent and Stiles communicate with the Benefactor.

Derek and Braeden talk about his diminishing capabilities. Then they arm wrestle. When she cheats to win, she tells him she's going to tell him how to bend the rules as a human to beat a supernatural.

Scott seems to wake up in the morgue drawer, but he's still dreaming.

Scott puts his name into the computer and up comes his kills... The Mute, The Orphans, The Chemist. Someone has to kill him, Liam says, and it's him because he's the Alpha.

Malia opens a safe. Inside are her adoption records. Malia decides she could take Peter then he punches the wall. She hands him the adoption papers. He says she can read them.

Lydia's mom follows her to the groovy house and asks to help. She knows Meredith.

Scott hears from The Mute in his dream that he's metamorphosing.

Braeden teaches Derek how to use a gun, well, how to draw one. He learns to bend by kissing her.

Kira and Liam try to take on a Berserker, but he knocks them both out cold.

Kate shows up at the hospital and with her comes a wind machine. Here hair is always blowing back. What's up with that?

Peter wants to help Malia find her mother since Talia stole the memory from him. He only knows her alias, The Desert Wolf -- coyote.

Lydia learns her grandmother was, most likely, a banshee. Grandma wanted Lydia to spread her ashes across the lake when she turned 18. They aren't her grandmother's ashes. They're mountain ash. The whole building is made of mountain ash.

Kate is there with a plan, but with three minutes to spare, Argent needs her to take the Berserkers and go. 

In his dream state, The Mute helps turn Scott into a killer and he pummels Liam. Kira wakes him up.

Kira's mother is gravely injured. She's air lifted to Palo Alto. Scott and Kira realize a banshee would know who was dead without visual confirmation.

Lydia doesn't think her grandmother is dead, because the letter she left was in code.



Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Liam: Have you guys done something like this before?
Stiles: Something dangerous or something idiotic?
Kira: The it's yes to both.
Scott: You don't have to do be part of it if you don't want to.
Liam: I'm not scared.
Stiles: Well then you're borderline idiotic.

One more thing. When I do come back, we got to talk about some stuff. You and your friends, the way you guys handle things, it doesn't seem to phase you like it should. It's like you guys know something I don't. When I get back, I'd like to be in the know.