Teen Wolf Review: The Target Has Been Neutralized

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So... what went down after the Hale house burned that could have lead to all this Benefactor business?

Honestly, Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 was very convoluted, so I did a little recon. Whoever the Benefactor is (an individual or a group) will somehow relate to what happened in the wake of the Hale tragedy. 

It's times like these that I wish I watched series over and over and over, because I don't remember a lot about Teen Wolf Season 1, and we're gonna be hearkening back to that, as well. Sheesh!

Challenge for Derek - Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8

The plan to "kill" Scott to find the Benefactor was very cool, even more so because everyone was in on it that needed to be.

I still hate this plan. I mean this is pretty significantly terrifying. He looks dead.


Up until that minute, I thought (I'm sorry!) that they didn't tell Melissa so she would be as credible as the plan required. Mama McCall does a great job pretending her son is dead. I guess she's had enough practice worrying about him by now!

While Scott was "dead" his psyche contemplated the differences between being a killer and a predator and with the help of The Mute ended his journey pick axing Liam to death. The conversation with his dad proved how heavily killing is weighing on his mind, but I don't think he's in danger of becoming what the dream showed. If anything, it gave him the knowledge that he wouldn't do it without a nefarious prod.

There were great scenes throughout. Stiles acting the adult as the "kids" ran off into the halls of the hospital, great Stalia action as Stiles recalled how Malia started spooning him in bed, Braeden teaching Derek how to fight as a human, Stiles and Argent arguing over how to address the Benefactor, and some bonding moments between Melissa and Noshiko. 

I still have no idea who the Benefactor is, but apparently Lydia's grandmother (who may not be dead) created the code for the dead pool. Why? No idea. Lydia's whole cabin is created out of mountain ash, and spreading her "grandmother" (more mountain ash) in the water completed an ash circle of protection. 

Did I miss how Lydia's grandmother knew Meredith? Yes, she was in Eichen House with her, but why did she have a photo of her and why was Natalie immediately familiar with her? How involved is Lydia's family? Is a banshee the Benefactor, or is the Benefactor just working with a banshee, and is that banshee Lydia's grandmother? Why would she protect her house with Lydia spreading her ashes and why would Lydia's name be on the list?

Malia met with Peter, who still wants to know who her mother is; The Desert Rose, apparently. Since he and Kate met at the end and he was happy Scott was still alive, does that remove him from the Benefactor list? I'm wondering if he's worried if Scott dies the remainder of his cash will be given away before he can get it back.

I'm really eager to find out what you all got from the episode and your theories. You can watch Teen Wolf online for more info.

Is a banshee the Benefactor, or is the Benefactor just working with one?

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Liam: Have you guys done something like this before?
Stiles: Something dangerous or something idiotic?
Kira: The it's yes to both.
Scott: You don't have to do be part of it if you don't want to.
Liam: I'm not scared.
Stiles: Well then you're borderline idiotic.

One more thing. When I do come back, we got to talk about some stuff. You and your friends, the way you guys handle things, it doesn't seem to phase you like it should. It's like you guys know something I don't. When I get back, I'd like to be in the know.