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Stiles fights off Donovan and runs into the school. He climbs the scaffolding in the library to escape from Donovan. Stiles pulls out the bolt holding the scaffolding together. A metal beam falls on Donovan, stabbing him in the chest. It kills him.

Stiles calls the police, but doesn't leave his name. He parks his jeep and shuts off the lights. An officer checks out the high school, but doesn't find anything.

Stiles goes back into the school. Donovan's body is gone. The only trace of blood is on a piece of scaffolding.

Scott and Kira are asleep in bed.Kira is whispering in Japanese in her sleep. Scott's phone alarm for the animal clinic goes off.

Stiles writes two options on his board: Donovan is not dead and walked out; Donovan dead and someone took the body.

Scott calls Stiles and tells him someone is stealing the bodies. Parrish carries Donovan's body.

Malia gives Lydia The Dread Doctors book. Malia read it, but doesn't understand it. The description of the book sounds familiar. The book doesn't end. Malia believes they are living volume 2. Lydia wonders if the book is a novel or a prediction. 

Kira makes copies of The Dread Doctors book. Scott and Kira discuss the missing bodies. They conclude a successful chimera is something really bad. Scott thinks he smells blood in the library.

Scott gives Theo a copy of the book. The book is dedicated to Dr. Valack. 

Theo informs the Dread Doctors the pack is visiting Valack at Eichen House.

Stiles refuses to let Lydia visit Eichen House alone. Lydia notices Stiles is hurt. 

Kira is looking for her belt in Scott's room. Scott notices Kira is upset. She asks Scott to look at her with his wolf eyes. Scott does and immediately sees Kira illuminated as the kitsune. Scott hands Kira her belt and tells her everything else is fine.

Scott tells Stiles he stop Kira from killing Lucas. Stiles argues it was self defense. At some point, self defense can be justified. Scott disagrees. The chimeras are the victims. They can't kill people they are trying to save.

The orderly demands the pack empties their pockets. Kira resists handing in her belt, but the orderly insists. He eyes Lydia suspiciously and Stiles sees the bolt from the scaffolding in the orderly's box.

Valack's cell is surrounded by mountain ash. Only Lydia and Stiles can meet him. Scott and Kira must stay behind.   

Valack admits to writing the book. He said it's a tool to open their eyes to the Dread Doctors.

Theo and Malia finish studying. Theo offers to give Malia some driving practice.

Valack wrote the book because no one believed him. The Dread Doctors were human once, scientists who worshipped the supernatural. The doctors use electromagnetic forces to prolong their lives, gain power and make people forget they ever saw them. Valack wants Lydia's scream before he'll give any more information. 

Scott and Kira feel weak from the mountain ash. Kira is worried about Lydia & Stiles, but Scott is confident they'll be okay. Scott remarks how good Stiles and Lydia are together. Kira asks if Stiles still likes Lydia. Scott says he does, but he's not as obsessive.

Stiles tells Kira that Lydia use to pretend she wasn't smart. Stiles always knew she was smart because he paid attention and listened to her. Something seems to dawn on Scott, but then the lights start flickering. Kira is surrounded by electricity.

Valack tells Lydia and Stiles this happened before and many teenagers died. Now the Dread Doctors are back because Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Allison awoke the Nemeton.

Kira's kitsune powers disrupt Eichen House's electromagnetic energy. Essentially, unlocking the door for the Dread Doctors. Valack realizes it's a trap. 

Theo instructs Malia to go a little faster. He slides Malia's hands down lower on the wheel, so she's more comfortable. Suddenly, Malia has a flashback to the car accident and accelerates too much. Theo reaches for the wheel and Malia slams on the breaks. She stumbles out of the car in a panic.

Kira lies unconscious. Scott touches her and is immediately electrocuted. The Dread Doctors arrive. 

Valack demands Lydia's scream, but she refuses until he tells them what the book does. He wrote the book to free suppressed memories. If anyone has seen the Dread Doctors or if they've done something, then the book will free the memories. Lydia remembers when she saw the Dread Doctors before she went under anesthesia. 

Malia flashes back to the car accident. Someone shot at her mother causing her to drive off the road. Malia realizes it was the Desert Wolf who killed her family.

Even though she's electrocuting him, Scott caries Kira to safety. Stiles and Lydia hide from the doctors. The Dread Doctors take Valack's third eyeball from his forehead.  

Scott and Kira collapse. He tells Kira he remembers what he said and he meant it.

Stiles realizes everything is happening because they reawakened the Nemeton. Lydia says it's their responsibility to stop it.

Valack uses Lydia's scream to crack the glass in his prison.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Scott: You know Lydia use to pretend not to be smart.
Kira: Our Lydia?
Scott: And Stiles was the only one who knew.
Kira: How?
Scott: He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.

Those two are pretty good together.