Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Review: A Novel Approach

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On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5, Donovan's death is presented as a moral quandary. In reality, it is black and white. When a chimera threatens to eat your legs, it's okay to stop them.

Donovan versus Stiles is predator versus prey. Stiles kills Donovan in self defense. Furthermore, Stiles releases the scaffolding to stop Donovan, not to kill him.

intense Stiles

So, we can add "accidental" on top of "self defense." Let's not forget, Donovan was hardly dealing with a full deck before the Dread Doctors made him a science project. Stiles gets a pass in my book.

Stiles, however, reacts like he committed premeditated murder. It's baffling. If Stiles insists on a first degree murder charge, he needs to do a better job covering his tracks. Every time Stiles touched something in the library, I screamed, "Bloody fingerprints!" I could be watching too much CSI.

Luckily, The Dread Doctors are far more adept at homicide, so they clean up the mess for Stiles. This is the point Stiles should inform Scott he accidentally killed Donovan while defending himself. Instead he lies, and Scott gives him a lecture on the chimera's innocence. 

They're not the bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save.


Stiles lying to Scott about Donovan and Scott's "save the chimeras at all costs" attitude are convenient plot devices designed to force a wedge between these two brothers. It'd be easier to buy if it wasn't so ridiculous. 

Since when is Scott not Stiles' first call? Since when is Scott unable to recognize obvious self defense? We're really supposed to believe if Stiles tells Scott the truth his response will be, "Sorry Stiles. You should have let Donovan eat your legs." 

Come on. Scott's Alpha heart may be as pure as Aslan's, but he can recognize an accident when he sees one. I don't think Scott is so far down the higher road he rejects all logic.

Not to mention, Scott is playing fast and loose with the truth and Kira. She asks him specifically to scan her with his "True Alpha" eyes. Instead of telling Kira she looks like a fiery version of Smokey the Bear, he lies. I'd be more comfortable with Scott perched on his high horse if he didn't lie to his girlfriend for no reason. 

Kitsune problems are not the only issue on Kira's plate. She's still miffed Scott doesn't remember he said, "I love you." I'm Team Kira on this one.  

Scott: You know Lydia use to pretend not to be smart.
Kira: Our Lydia?
Scott: And Stiles was the only one who knew.
Kira: How?
Scott: He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.

Interestingly enough, it's while discussing Stiles' relationship with Lydia that Scott finally realizes what Kira is upset about. Fiery Smokey Bear problems notwithstanding. 

Kira's kitsune powers are on the fritz, but Scott carries her to safety. She almost electrocutes him to death in the process. As he collapses to the ground, he tells Kira he meant what he said. That's certainly one way to say I'm sorry. Next time Scott, a bouquet of roses will more than suffice.

It is Stiles relationship with Lydia that teaches Scott how to be a better boyfriend. Hmm...isn't Stiles Malia's boyfriend? They might not be a couple, but Stiles and Lydia certainly act like one. They care deeply for one another, worry for one another's safety, protect each other and argue like an old married couple. 

Scott is right – Lydia and Stiles are pretty good together. However, it's different now. Stiles discovered a world outside of Lydia, and Lydia accepted who she truly is. They needed to grow as individuals before they could be together.  

This is the trick with slow burn couples. They tend to check off the emotional components of a relationship before the physical ones. It's good – those are the couples who last.

Malia is experiencing some self exploration herself. Malia remembers the Desert Wolf killed her family. She's carried the guilt of the accident for years. Malia will want answers from her biological mother. Despite his evil status, there are sparks between Malia and Theo. He's probably using Malia to get to Stiles, but she doesn't seem to mind the attention. It seems Stiles isn't the only one with conflicted feelings. 

Teen Wolf Season 5 is setting up a love pentagon between Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Parrish and Theo. How the pairings shake out is anyone's guess, but smart money for the long run is on Lydia and Stiles. This slow burn will eventually spark.

Before she dates anyone, Lydia needs to read The Dread Doctor's book. How is it possible they saw Valack without reading the book? Read the book Lydia. Now

Everything that's happened. Everything that's gonna happen. It's our fault.


Why? Because this is all the pack's fault. They awoke the Nemeton (for a really good reason, which escapes me now). Bottom line, all the supernatural creatures drawn to Beacon Hills, including the Dread Doctors, is because of the pack's actions.

Lydia is right. It is their responsibility to fix it. Who ends up with who can wait.

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A Novel Approach Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Scott: You know Lydia use to pretend not to be smart.
Kira: Our Lydia?
Scott: And Stiles was the only one who knew.
Kira: How?
Scott: He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.

Those two are pretty good together.