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Theo finally learns the truth about who he brought into his lair. Deucalion has only been playing the part of the nice house guest. He can leave anytime, and he's tired of waiting for Scott McCall's eyes.

Deucalion teaches Theo how to steal someone's power - you make them suffer, take their life, and then take their power. Theo tries this out on his fellow chimera, Josh. 

Scott decides that they need to team up with Theo in order to find Mason. When Theo put on the Dread Doctor mask, he saw Sebastien dying in the snow, not Mason, so this means that time is running out of time. 

The Dread Doctors have Mason hooked up to one of those green tubes whenever Liam, Scott, and Theo find him. Soon, the Dread Doctors appear and start smack talking Theo.

As Liam, Scott, and Theo fight the Dread Doctors, Mason transforms into the Beast all on his own. The Beast isn't too happy with the Dread Doctors. He kills them, but leaves Theo, Liam, and Scott alone.

Meanwhile, the Desert Wolf goes after Braeden and Malia. Kira leaves again to go to the Skin walkers for help putting her sword back together.

It's time for an Argent, hell hound, and Beast fight, which ends with Sebastien being back in the flesh.
Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

It can't be me.


Cody: Scott can't find you down here. He can't follow your scent.
Mason: Okay, hold on, it's not me. I'm not even a genetic chimera.