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On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7, Liam and Hayden try to convince Scott and Malia that they need Theo. It takes a lot of convincing, but Scott sort of comes around. Malia does not.

Theo helps the pack devise a plan to catch a Ghost Rider. He still thinks it is a terrible idea, but Theo helps nonetheless. Surprisingly, it works. The pack captures a Ghost Rider. Now, they have to figure out a way to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Malia goes to plan B, which may or may not be better than Theo. Plan B is Peter Hale. There's no good choice here. Melissa manages to revive Peter, and Peter takes Malia to the place he came through from the Ghost Rider train station.

Parrish is called in to talk to the Ghost Rider. It works, and the Ghost Rider only provides cryptic answers to the pack's questions. Somehow the Ghost Rider gets Parrish to turn into the Hellhound, and then somehow gets Parrish to try to break him out. Scott and Liam manage to get Parrish outside before that happens.

Then, while Scott and Liam are outside, Mr. Douglas shows up to chat with the Ghost Rider. It's not a friendly chat. Mr. Douglas takes a bite out of his skull and feeds off his pineal gland. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, he takes the Ghost Rider's whip. He tests it out on Corey.


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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

What if this was his room? What if this means we had a son?


Malia: Can you give me a second alone with Theo?
Hayden: Why?
Malia: So I can kill him!