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On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6, Lydia dreams of Canaan, specifically of Canaan day in 1987 when the Ghost Riders came to take the town. It's time for a road trip! Malia, Scott, and Lydia ride into Canaan, and it is a ghost town.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Liam work on their plan of catching a Ghost Rider. While trying to steal materials for a lightning rod, they come across Mr. Douglas (aka Nazi werewolf teacher). They figure out that he saw the Ghost Riders too, and so they enlist him in their plan.

They realize that they need to be able to catch a lightning strike, and you know who used to be able to absorb electricity? Josh. It's too bad he's dead and that no one absorbed his power. Oh wait...Theo did.

That's right - Hayden and Liam resurrect Theo. This is going to end badly. He does not have any of the powers he absorbed any,more, but he does remember Stiles, and he knows about the Ghost Riders.

Back in Canaan, Malia and Scott are hallucinating seeing the ones they love with a deadly/creepy twist. They find a boy and his mom, Lenore. They are the only ones left in Canaan.

Not so surprisingly, there's something off with Lenore. Lydia figures it out - Lenore is a banshee. The Ghost Riders didn't take her. They left her behind, and somehow, they gave her back her son who had died.

In the hospital, Argent isn't doing too well. The Ghost Riders poisoned him, and he needs Melissa's help to gather 9 supernatural ingredients to stop this infection before it kills him. Melissa saves the day and learns some Celtic in the process.




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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Malia: You saw a carousel?
Lydia: And a big sign that said Canaan and people disappearing in clouds of smoke.
Malia: Do you ever have nice dreams?

I heard Stiles on that radio. I'm sure of it.