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On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12, we catch up with Theo, who has been sleeping in his car and hallucinating spiders that can crawl into his skin. Right as he is about to call Scott McCall for help, there are a group of hunters outside of his car. They have him surrounded. They open fire.

Scott hallucinates hunters in the woods when it's only Noah Stilinski and deputies who are there to investigate the dead body in the woods (aka the hellhound). Scott doesn't tell Noah about the silver bullet with Argent's insignia on it. He wants to talk to Argent first.

Malia and Scott go looking for Argent, but he's MIA. He does have a lot of guns, which makes Scott think that Argent is back in the hunter business. After hacking his computer, Malia and Scott crash Argent's gun sale.

Argent's business is way up, and he's trying to figure out who is buying all the guns. At this gun sale, someone else poses as his buyer, but Argent isn't buying it. With some help from Scott and Malia, Argent is able to take down the fake gun buyers, but he doesn't get answers as to who the real buyer is.

Meanwhile, Lydia tells Parrish about her spider web vision, and they realize that the sound she heard in the vision is a card reader that's in Eichen's closed unit. Parrish goes on his own, and he ends up getting captured by the doctor. Unfortunately for Parrish, he isn't Eichen's first hellhound, and they know how to subdue him.

Scott and Malia take Argent to where the hellhound was killed. They find the slug - it's silver. Scott and Argent figure out that an inexperienced hunter killed the hellhound.

Lydia rescues Parrish from Eichen, and she tells the pack that the doctor was killing all the supernaturals in the closed unit because he was afraid. 

Monroe, our creepy new guidance counselor, has her eye on her next mark - Brett. She attacks with wolfsbane and a lacrosse stick, but Brett manages to get in a good slash before running away. They meet up again later in the woods, but this time, Gerard is there to save Monroe.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Go Cyclones! Go lacrosse! Yay sports!


Noah Stilinski: You want to tell me what happened here?
Parrish: He's a hellhound.
Malia: A dead hellhound.
Noah Stilinski: Yeah, I got that.