Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Raw Talent

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I never thought I would actually feel sorry for Theo.

On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12, Theo's a little down on his luck.

Due to his lack of pack, friends, and family, he had resorted to sleeping in his car. Theo's completely alone, and instead of feeling happy that Theo's so miserable, I feel sorry for him. Strange.

Spider Problem - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12

Look, Theo has never been my favorite person. At his best, I find him somewhat tolerable, and I enjoy his sarcastic quips. He's been an annoyance, and he should have stayed in hell. I don't think I've ever really felt for the guy until now.

Guys, I was begging Theo to call Scott for help, which before this, I wanted Theo nowhere near Scott's pack.

This is an impressive turnaround, and it's not one that normally happens with villains, especially ones who have wrecked havoc on the lives of beloved characters.

Theo destroyed Scott and Stiles' friendship for a while, and that destruction is a hard thing to move past. Now I'm actually excited to see Theo return.

A Concerned Friend - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12

Come on, he's totally still alive. We didn't see a body. It's unclear when Theo will pop up again, but he's totally going to, and hopefully, the first person he goes to see is Scott.

What are your thoughts on Theo? Are you hoping he goes to Scott about his spider problem, after, you know, solving his "hunters tried to kill me" problem?

Mason, you and I need to have a little heart to heart. You're failing your best friend duties. Now, I know it's hard to compete with the epic friendship that is Sciles, but your best friend is a werewolf, so you need to be a little more attentive.

Losing Control - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12

Mason has to know that Liam is having control issues, and so when there's a violent pile up on the lacrosse field involving Liam, Brett, and Corey, Mason should have gone to check on Liam.

Hell, he should have checked on Liam quite a few times during practice or at least made sure he went up to see Liam immediately after practice.

It's a little annoying that Mason acted like everything was totally okay on the lacrosse field. He has eyes. It's not like Liam was being subtle or anything.

So, Mason, let's start acting like the best friend of a werewolf, okay? Thanks. (I still love you.)

Everything always goes back to Eichen, doesn't it?

Parrish: You're not going back to Eichen, and you're definitely not going anywhere near the closed unit.
Lydia: What if there's a connection to the hellhound?
Parrish: What if you go there again and someone tries to kill you, which by the way happens every time you go in there.

Lydia and Parrish's relationship is always great to watch. They trust each other, and Lydia opens up to him about her various banshee visions. Seeing as Stiles is off working on saving Derek's ass (again) at Quantico training to become an FBI agent, Lydia needs someone in Beacon Hills she can talk to about all of her banshee woes.

While it's great that Parrish realized that every time Lydia goes into Eichen someone tries to kill her, he clearly hasn't learned that you don't go into Eichen alone, no matter who or what you are.

Back up is your friend, even though it occasionally backfires like in the case of Malia and Scott "helping" Argent.

Lydia stepping into Eichen, flashing back to all the terrible things that happened to her, and overcoming them was absolutely badass. There's no other word for it or for her.

Eichen has tortured her and beaten her down time and time again. Lydia's been through hell thanks to Eichen, but she's done letting it control her. Eichen no longer hold any power over Lydia Martin, and she won't let it hurt anyone she cares about.

Overcoming her fear and rescuing Parrish is such a huge moment for Lydia. She goes full on banshee in a place that tried to suppress her banshee skills. It's definitely one of my favorite Lydia moments. 

Malia: Okay, I'm not good with subtlety. What the hell happened last night?
Scott: I get it. I freaked out, which freaked you out.
Malia: So you admit that you freaked out. Wait a minute, I didn't freak out.
Scott: You haven't been trying to get me to talk because you freaked out that I freaked out?
Malia: No, I've been trying to get you to talk because, you know, I'm worried about you.
Scott: I'm okay, thanks.

What did you think of the episode? Did anyone else love Malia and Scott's talk about fears and being hunted? They're adorable. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Raw Talent Review

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Go Cyclones! Go lacrosse! Yay sports!


Noah Stilinski: You want to tell me what happened here?
Parrish: He's a hellhound.
Malia: A dead hellhound.
Noah Stilinski: Yeah, I got that.