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Casey talks to her sister, Lynn and her sister's boyfriend, Russell, about everything getting out of hand and returning Lake. Her sister wants more money, $30k to take care of her unborn baby and her own family. She expects Casey to get it to her from Jane's funds before and drops Lake off. Jane gets drugs from PJ. Later on, PJ is brought in to talk to Bird. He expresses how much of a fan he is of Jane and appears to vehemently defend her and be in her corner. He talks about all the great creatives being addicts of some sort. He tells about the double standards with how Jane is treated. He later describes the car that was outside of Jane's house. They were able to trace it to Russell and later on, they were able to connect him to Casey. Bird talks to Gus in the break room. He calls him out on having an affair with Jane. Gus admits to that and how he went about giving Jane info. He tells Bird that Lake is Jane's everything and that if be has been there that night he would have protected them both and never would have let Lake get taken. Later on, Gus meets up with one of the dirty cops or one of his sources because he knows that everyone is on to him. He gets an unregistered, clean gun. Jane hides in Pete's apartment. When he comes she talks about Lake, they reminisce, and she tries to find out about Lake's clothing. She still believes he has something to do with it. By the time he picks up on what she's doing, she has drugged him. She finds out that he's in debt and has been selling things off and realises that he's been sleeping with Casey. She finds his phone and texts back the person trying to reach him. Later she realizes that person is Sheldon when he comes over looking for the rest of his money. Jane is under the impression that Sheldon is using Lake to get his money so she cleans her bank account out to pay off Pete's debt. After, Sheldon reveals that he didn't have Lake. Casey looks for Jane's bank statement and makes Ali suspicious when she's defensive of Pete. When she finally accesses the account, Jane already took the money out. Tom and Ali talk about having kids. Ali meets an old friend to get Tom a job without him knowing she helped Casey tells Russel that she can't get the money and Lake sees her. Russell reminds her that Lynn will flip out if she doesn't get what she wants. He warns her of how dangerous she is because he had a domestic case where she was violent with him before. Someone comes while they're talking. When Bird and Jane realize that Casey may be behind all of or end head to Lynn and Russels house, Casey and Russell are shot dead. Bird finds out that Jane and Pete finally ended it after Pete was driving under the influence and got into a car crash that had Lake in the hospital for weeks... Bird also finds out that as a result of Lake needing blood during that time, lake has a B blood type while both Jane and Pete have an A which means someone else is Lake's father.
Ten Days In the Valley
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Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

She's a handful, yeah? But that kid is her center of gravity. You take that away, and she'll spin apart. I just want to help her.


Lynn: You can't let her see you.
Casey: I can't help it. She's beautiful.
Lynn: Just like you said. You sure Jane's not getting her back, right?
Casey: The cops know what type of person she is now. Everyone does. Pete will get custody, and we'll take care of Lake.