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Bird and Bilson interview Jane and Pete separately to see if they recognise anything in the video of Lake that was sent to Jane. Pete shuts down when money troubles are mentioned. Jane and Gus meet at Jane's house. She reassures him that though the police have taken her laptop, nothing linking to him is on it. They have sex. Bird calls her to tell her that the video was sent from her studio. He tells her to make a suspect list and give motives. Commander Gomez needs with the DA. They discuss an elite dirty cop gang and mentions that Jane is making a tv show about them and a gang raid from a while back. The DA tells Gomez to bury it. When Bird goes to the studio to interview everyone, Matt disappears and deletes the video of Lake from his laptop. Pete catches someone putting a flyer up over the one of Lake. He beats the person up then calls the police when someone notices. The police arrest him but not before he talks to Casey and asks her to drive his car and wonders why she hasn't spoken to the police yet and has been avoiding them. She asks him about his whereabouts and why he wants her to lie. Pete tries to reach Sheldon. Commander Gomez tells Bird to look for Jane's source from the police department. Bird talks to the writers and tells them that the laptops will be confiscated and their histories can be found even things deleted. Matt calls his husband and tries to have him erase everything. He also tries to switch his out with a prop laptop but he's caught. He admits later on that he had Jane's computer cloned when he thought he had a new job opportunity he wrote Jane a nasty email and sent it to her but the job opportunity fell through, so he had her computer cloned and went in and deleted it. He still read some of her emails including the video of Lake when she got it. That's how it ended up on his computer He mentions that one day on set he was watching Lake and she was cold so he gave her a hoodie from wardrobe. It was the same one from the video. Jane eventually remembers that it was the same hoodie Lake wore when Pete took her home with him, so she once again concludes that Pete has Lake. Bird finally gets to talk to Casey. She tells him that Jane doesn't know about her and Pete but she also identifies PJ as Jane s dealer. When Jane tries to tell Bird about the hoodie and Pete, he has brought along CPS and tells her that they will be investigating and threatens to have her arrested for obstruction because of all of her lies. Pete says he sold his BMW. Bird finds out Jane s source is Gus when he reads all of Jane's deleted emails. He tells Commander Gomez. Jane talks down the actress on the show and the actress, Isabel, seems to have a unique bond with Jane where they talk about truth and she points out Jane's insecurity about being a bad mother. Lake is with a mysterious woman who tries to read to her but she's anxious and wants to go home because she's tired of waiting to see her mother. The mysterious woman meets Casey outside of the house Lake is being held in. Casey assures her that it won't be much longer now.
Ten Days In the Valley
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Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You are not a cruel person. You are a powerful person, and some people they get confused by that.


Jane: "Go home and get some sleep" is cop shorthand for piss off!
Gus: That's not true.
Jane: Yes it is. You're the one who told me that, I have it on tape.