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Jasper needs antibiotics to treat his wounds, so Clarke, Wells and Finn search for antibiotic seaweed. Bellamy and a crew search for food. While both groups are out they hear a warning before a poisonous cloud comes through. Everyone but Atom gets to safety. When Bellamy can't kill Atom to end his suffering, Clarke does it.

Clarke blames Wells for her father's death. He doesn't waver from that, but tries to be her friend. With Finn's help, Clarke admits that it was her mother and not Wells that revealed her father's plans to the Chancellor. Wells and Clarke make up.

Charlotte has horrible nightmares. Bellamy told her to slay her demons. She takes him literally and stabs Wells.

Jasper wakes up.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Wells: Alcohol's toxic.
Finn: This is Earth. Everything's toxic.

This is Earth, Clarke. Anything's possible.