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Clarke puts together a rescue mission to find Jasper. The group finds him tied to a tree with some kind of ointment in his wound. Clarke falls in a trap, but is saved by Bellamy. Wells takes the gun from Bellamy and uses it to kill a large panther-like creature before it gets Bellamy. Jasper makes it back to camp. Bellamy's supporters cook up the animal and exchange food for bracelets. 

Octavia gets close to Atom. Bellamy's upset about it and ties him up in a tree. He was supposed to take care of his sister, but make moves on her.

On the Ark, a girl, Raven, finds out that the ship went to Earth. She tells Abby that the people aren't dying, but removing their bracelets. Abby agrees. The Chancellor has enough hope that he delays killing for 10 days. Abby asks Raven to help her repair an old drop ship. Raven agrees but only if she can go too.


The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Now she sees you.


Wells: You can stop this.
Bellamy: Stop this? I'm just getting started.